Here's What's Covered
(See Policy Benefits and Limits for additional information)

Hospitalization and Outpatient Treatment
If you need hospitalization or outpatient care, the battleface™ plan covers you.  Choose your own medical service provider, or contact Tangiers for a referral to one of our more than 20,000 network providers worldwide. 

Emergency Medical Evacuation
The battleface™ plan covers your Emergency Medical Evacuation to the nearest facility capable of treating your life-threatening condition.  Tangier's has more experience than any other company in responding to complex medical situations in the most challenging areas of the world. 

Emergency Reunion
The battleface™ plan covers the cost of transportation, food and lodging for a relative or friend to your bedside following an Emergency Medical Evacuation.  Tangiers makes all the arrangements, so your loved one have less to worry about.

Local Burial or Cremation/Repatriation of Mortal Remains
The battleface™ plan covers the cost of your burial or cremation locally, or the cost of preparing and transporting your remains home, should the worst occur.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
In the event of your Accidental Death or Dismemberment, the battleface™ plan will pay lump sum benefits to your beneficiary or to you.  The benefit is doubled if your death or dismemberment results from hijacking, kidnapping or attempted kidnapping.

Pre-existing Conditions
The battleface™ plan does not cover expenses associated with any Pre-existing conditions.

Other Exclusions
The battleface™ plan does not cover the following:  Maternity, Mental or Nervous conditions, Sexually Transmitted Disease, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, expenses that are not medically necessary and ordered or administered by a Physician, Organ Transplants, Cosmetic procedures, Experimental procedures, Self-inflicted injuries or illnesses.  (This is a partial list; refer to policy for complete list.)