9 travel bloggers you need to follow RIGHT NOW

Travel blogging’s had a bad rap of late.

“Influencers” staying at all-expenses-paid luxury hotels and fawning over avocado dishes on Instagram have given the impression that travel is nothing more than a succession of photo opportunities for beautiful people.

But fear not, people, travellers with scruffy boots, a thirst for adventure and an unhealthy relationship with risk are still putting out top quality content.

And you need to hear about them.

battleface dug deep into its Rolodex (okay, we looked at our Twitter, Instagram and Youtube follows) to find 9 travel bloggers and vloggers that you need in your life.

These globetrotters are not afraid to offer warts-and-all insights into life on the road while celebrating the idiosyncrasies of some of the most off-the-beaten-path destinations going.

Check them out at the links below.

Against the Compass

Joan Torres is not one for package holidays. This intrepid traveller from Spain has sought out adventures in Syria, Eritrea and plenty more ‘challenging’ destinations. Check out this interview with him for Words+Images.

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Once Upon a Saga

Travelling to every country on Earth is hardly novel. Doing it without flying? OK, we’re listening. Torbjørn C. Pedersen – or ‘Thor’ as he’s known – is attempting exactly that. He spoke to Words+Images about his progress so far.

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Very Hungry Nomads

Speaking of ticking off every country, Very Hungry Nomads – otherwise known as Rach and Marty – have their own twist on this goal: sampling every cuisine while they’re at it. For more, take a read of their interview with Words+Images.

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Eva zu Beck

Travel TV host and YouTuber Eva quit her London job and threw herself into as many travel experiences as possible. So far, running a marathon in Iraqi Kurdistan and horse trekking alone across Mongolia are among the highlights.

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Tom Davies, otherwise known by his YouTube handle GeoWizard, devised his own form of ‘microadventure’ challenges by attempting to cross an entire country (Wales to be exact) in as straight a line as possible. Can it be done? Check out his videos to find out.

Also, watch this space, as Tom is a future guest on the battleface When it Hits the Fan podcast!


Megan Starr

Hailing from the US, Megan focuses on the Nordics, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. W+I talked to her last April. Now joined by Armenian Aram, the pair have twice as many feet to cover fascinating destinations.

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Bald and Bankrupt

Whether it’s rocking up at a Bolivian village with a briefcase of coca leaves or fending off hustlers on the streets of Delhi, Mr Bald has a knack for unearthing fascinating characters wherever he travels.

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Itchy Boots

Dutch motorcyclist Noraly has had her fair share of scrapes on the road (both literal and figurative) but is never short on good vibes and spectacular scenery as she racks up the miles in Asia, South America or elsewhere.

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Drew Binsky

Drew is one of Youtube’s biggest travel video creators – and for good reason. His willingness to hop off the tourist trail and strike up friendships with locals make his content a joy to watch.

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