AirHelp | Why airlines passengers are missing out on rightful compensation

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AirHelp is the world’s largest company dedicated to helping airline passengers understand their rights, receive compensation they are entitled to, and providing assistance during their journey.

The company navigates the arcane rules governing passenger protections in the EU, UK, Brazil, Turkey, Canada as well as the International Montreal Convention to ensure its customers don’t have to – backed up by a global staff of more than 350, including the world’s largest team of lawyers specialising in air passenger rights.

CEO Tomasz Pawliszyn, known as Tomek, sat down with battleface Uncharted podcast to explain why passengers often miss out on compensation they’re entitled to – and what they can do about it.

In June of this year, AirHelp launched its AirPayout Insurance, powered by battleface, that guarantees a €100 payment in the event of flight disruption, cancellations within a week of departure, flight diversions, or delays of over three hours – on top of any compensation they can claim from the airline.