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The oldest operating airline in the world, KLM has a generous baggage allowance and stands out for its commitment to customer convenience.

In the fast-paced world of air travel, this airline ensures that travellers have a hassle-free experience.

Checked baggage allowance

KLM’s checked baggage allowance varies based on your travel class and destination. Generally, Economy Class passengers can take one checked bag weighing up to 23 kg. Premium Comfort class is 2 bags weighing 23 kg each and for Business Class passengers, it’s 2 bags weighing 32 kg each.

If you are flying on one of their “light” tickets, Economy has no free checked baggage allowance and the Light Business option allows 1 bag at 32 kg. These specifics can differ depending on your itinerary and Flying Blue membership level. It’s recommended to check the KLM website’s baggage allowance calculator or contact their customer service to confirm the exact allowances for your journey.

Cabin baggage allowance

The airline’s cabin baggage policy ensures that passengers can keep their essentials close at hand. Economy Class travellers can carry one piece of cabin baggage, which should fit within the dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm. This size ensures that your bag will fit in the overhead compartments. You can also bring 1 accessory, such as a handbag or laptop bag measuring no more than 40 x 30 x 15 cm. For Premium Comfort Class and Business Class, the allowance is 2 cabin bag items at 55 x 35 x 25 cm each and one accessory. If you are travelling with babies without their own seats, the allowance is 1 item measuring 55 x 35 x 25 weighing less than 12 kg.

Additional and oversized items

Want to bring extra bags or something a bit heavier? Extra bags can be added, even after booking. Prices are around €20-€70 on flights within Europe and €30-€240 on longer, intercontinental flights. You need to arrange extra baggage at least 24 hours before your flight departure. If you are a Flying Blue member, you get a 10% discount on the first extra bag you add. Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum members get an extra item for free, as long as the flight is operated by KLM or Air France.

If your bag weighs more than 32kg, is bigger than 300cm or you have more than 10 items of checked bags per passenger, then you’ll have to use a third-party shipping company to send your baggage. If you’re unsure, contact their Customer Care Centre to clarify.

Need to travel with special baggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments or baggage for your kids? No problem.

Sports Equipment

Bikes, skis, surfboards, and diving and fishing equipment can be checked in as one of your checked luggage items. As long as it does not exceed a total size of 300cm (length + width + height) and does not exceed the weight allowance for your ticket class. If you are travelling with an electric bike, you must remove the battery. Batteries with a capacity of over 160 Wh will not be accepted. All bikes must also be packed in the correct bike box for transportation with KLM.

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Musical Instruments

You can take your instruments on board as hand baggage, checked baggage or transported on an extra seat (depending on the size and weight). If you are taking the instrument as hand baggage, you do not need to make a reservation.  As long as it has the size of a regular hand baggage item, is packed correctly and fits in the overhead compartment (55 x 35 x 25 cm). Weight limits are 12 kg in Economy Class and Premium Comfort Class, or 18 kg in Business Class.

If an instrument is larger than hand baggage size, your other options are booking an extra seat or checking it in the hold. If your musical instrument weighs 45 kg or less and 140cm in height or less, you can book it on an extra seat. To book your instrument on an extra seat, you need to contact KLM in advance.

You can bring your musical instrument as an item of checked baggage as long as it fits the required sizes for your allowance. If it is heavier or larger than allowed for your ticket class, you will have to pay the excess fee for overweight or oversized baggage.

If your musical instrument is larger than 300cm  (length + width + height) or weighs between 32 kg and 45 kg, you’ll have to make a reservation to bring it with you. Arrangements need to be made with KLM as early as possible and no later than 48 hours before departure. If your instrument is heavier than 45kg, you must arrange with a third-party shipping company.

Children’s buggies

You can bring a stroller or back carrier per child without any extra costs, which you can take with you into the cabin. If it does not fit underneath the seat or in the overhead baggage compartment, you will need to check it in at the gate, free of charge. Check the buggy in at the check-in desk and they’ll give you a tag. You can then take the buggy all the way to the departure gate, once you’re there, simply hand it in for loading.

All-in-all, check in advance. Before your journey, take a few minutes to visit the KLM website or contact their customer service.  It’s best to understand the baggage allowances for your route and travel class, to avoid last-minute surprises at the airport. We all want smooth and enjoyable airport experiences, free from unnecessary stress.

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