Bikepacking | Meet Emanuela and Eros

After a year and a half of one-day trips, we have finally started to organise a long bikepacking trip. We’re taking a cross-country road trip from northern to southern Italy.

My name is Emanuela. Eros and I got married last May. We live in Legnago, a town close to Verona, in the northeast of Italy. I’m an English and Spanish teacher and Eros is an IT consultant and studies Artificial Intelligence at University.

Cycling freely and eagerly through a foreign country helps us to broaden our minds, improve our foreign language proficiency and nurture each other as a couple.

The COVID cycle

The coronavirus outbreak really changed our plans. Italy was the last country we wanted to cycle through. Although both vaccinated, after weighing in a few of the risk factors, we decided to re-examine our plans. So here we are, studying the geography of our own country, tracing red paths, skipping high mountains, heading to breath-taking places.

We will travel slowly, taking the time to appreciate picturesque old villages and terrific landscapes.

Why bikepacking?

While attending primary and middle school, we learn the first notions about continents, countries, nations, cities and more, albeit we come in touch with geography as we begin taking into account/considering the wonderful experience of travelling.

I know, it’s not a piece of cake. However, even though you might struggle pedalling up a hill or a mountain, once you are up, the view is worth all your fatigue and then a gentle downhill, or a steep one, gives you the time to take a breath and believe me, your legs will appreciate it!

The route

Planning out bike trips in the comfort of our own home, city after city, accommodation after accommodation, and then cycling on those lines we trace on our computer, can really make a difference. What difference does this make? It is a hands-on geography experience!

The path we will be pedalling through is called The Sun Cycle Route, or EuroVelo7. It connects The North Cape to Malta. We’ll begin in Legnago, leisurely pedalling to Florence, towards Rome, and Naples, where we will catch another route, called Francigena del Sud, proceeding to Matera, Alberobello, Ostuni and, last but not least, Brindisi.

We will finally enjoy lying on a beach near Fasano swimming in the clear turquoise water of a secluded bay!

In future articles, we’ll talk about the best ways to plan a bikepacking trip, our favourite gear, and some problems (and happy resolutions) on the road.

Route-planning and gear

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