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2022 UK stag destinations

Even in times of war, famine and pandemic, time-honoured events that mark a young man’s life can’t be messed with.

And a 2022 stag for groom and besties is still something you can enjoy despite Covid barriers.

Read on for tips on how to make the most of your inner party animal in Newcastle.

UK arrivals

All stags will need to present a passenger locator form at UK immigration and proof of vaccine. Without vaccination, a negative PCR result 2 days prior to arrival and booking a day-2 and day-8 test is required.

Newcastle airport is only 15 minutes from the city centre and train connections from most other UK airports are regular (though not cheap). If you’re driving to the North-East from London, then allow for a 4-hour journey.

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Sort out a WhatsApp group to keep everyone involved and organised – and don’t call it Bob’s Night Out or something equally boring. Get creative. ‘Menace to Sobriety’ perhaps?

Top tip: learn to say the name of the city: new-KASS-əl

Safety in numbers?

Crime rates in Newcastle are like other UK cities with most weekend offences classified as anti-social behaviour. If stags can stick together and manage not to urinate in the streets, throw up in skips, argue with taxi drivers or get aggressive with security personnel then you won’t annoy the locals. Or police.

Top tip: Newcastle’s centre is heavily policed and monitored by cameras. They’re quick to react and won’t ask questions if they consider your behaviour hazardous.

Where to stay?

Hotels in the city centre are an obvious choice, but if you’ve got some time to search then look at rooms in Jesmond, an upscale suburb north of the centre where you’ll find restaurants, bars and unique local vibe.

Where to go?

Getting from Jesmond to the city centre via Osbourne Road could occupy you for hours on a stag run. The city is easy to get around and Quayside venues are well worth checking out for lively entertainment.

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Should you book ahead?

Without planning, a stag night will flop. Sitting in a park with a can of cider because everywhere is busy is the scenario you face unless you’re organised. Booking all stags into one hotel will be a challenge, so get the accommodation sorted early. Look to reserve an area in a nightclub so your evening doesn’t end in a queue that goes nowhere. It’s a good idea to target pubs with outdoor drinking areas.

Top tip: Check the football fixtures. If Newcastle United have a home game that coincides with the stag, demand and prices for hotel rooms skyrocket and pubs get extra busy!

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