Digital Security for Freelancers and the rest of us

With the Rory Peck Trust Digital Safety Guide, gadget safety doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Rory Peck Trust is an international organisation that supports freelance journalists and photographers through assistance and resources. Aimed at newsgatherers who can’t rely on media outlets for gear and training, RPT connects freelancers to essential sources. These include grants, safety training, conflict zone insurance and safety information.

Digital Safety Guide

Broken into digestible chunks covering nearly all aspects of digital communication, the guide covers issues from comfy armchair to conflict zone and back. Clear, jargon-free articles tackle password safety and management, email, encryption, and social media. Thanks to the Digital Assessment, freelancers can evaluate risk before booking a ticket. For border crossings, instructions for remotely wiping a confiscated device are as simple as getting a laptop confiscated at a border isn’t.

Not just for journalists

Though targeted at media providers, anyone travelling into or working in a challenging place can benefit from the guide. Sound advice abounds for those covering the news as well as those trying not to make it.

Readers can hunt and peck, ticking off digital victories along the way. View the guide as a checklist, and most of the digital drudgery can be over in an hour or two. Result!


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