Beyond green beer – St Pat’s Day 6 ways

Everybody’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day.

Find your weird way to celebrate the 17th across the globe.

Green rivers

Chicago may have started the trend of dyeing the river green to celebrate the holiday, but the trend has blown from the Windy City to other metro areas. Rivers are also going green in Indianapolis, Tampa, and San Antonio.

The other Emerald Isle

While warm breezes, endless sunshine and an active volcano may not immediately inspire thoughts of Ireland, the island nation of Montserrat celebrates Celtic connections down to its shamrock-shaped passport stamp. A 10-day festival celebrates Irish and Afro-Caribbean culture.

Jazz and cabbages

New Orleans celebrates Irish heritage with a parade, of course. Marchers distribute flowers, garters and kisses with boozy gusto. There are bagpipes and brass bands. Forget sparkly green beads, the prize catch is a cabbage.

First and furthest

Start early and go long. Midnight hits Auckland before any other major city, and at 18,168 kilometres away is the furthest from Dublin. Clearly, distance doesn’t dilute Hibernian zeal: Auckland hosts the largest parade in the Southern Hemisphere.

Raise a glass in Lagos

You’ll never be lonely as a Guinness drinker in Nigeria, home to company’s second-largest sales market in the world. Imbiber beware, the most popular brew is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, which delivers a whopping 7.5% ABV.

Celebrate online

Gotta work? Maybe green’s not your colour? Free digital festivities abound. Watch the Irish sunrise, join a singalong, attend a lecture or view the Dublin parade from the warm comfort of your couch, where it’s unlikely to rain.

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