Adrenaline junkie? You NEED these adventure sports in your life

Missing adventure sports and travel?

Understandably, things have been a little quiet in recent months as travel restrictions and Covid rules have put the dampeners on our enjoyment of extreme sports and adventure activities.

But what better time to dip your toes back into adventure? Because not only is travel reopening around the world, but battleface is celebrating the launch of its new Explorer Travel Insurance product for US customers.

Explorer Travel Insurance is specifically designed for the world’s most adventurous travellers, providing cover for a range of adventure activities as well as travel to some of the world’s most isolated regions.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to try tobogganing, blackwater rafting, scuba diving or any of the other adventure sports going – here’s our guide to the best places on the planet to do them.


Hurtling down a slope at up to 25 miles per hour while clinging onto a wooden frame – whoever told you this was for kids? Tobogganing has seen a resurgence in recent years as ‘bigger kids’ bag some of the fun for themselves. Don’t miss out.

Where to go: Check out the toboggan run in Churwalden, Switzerland, purportedly the longest in the country at more than 3km in length.

Scuba diving

There’s nothing like the first glimpse of that whole new underwater world as you scuba dive in open waters for the first time. And whether it’s sunken wrecks, shoals of fish or stunning coral you’re seeking, you’ll find it in the warm waters of Southeast Asia.

Where to go: For those who prefer warmer waters (and spectacular underwater wildlife), Thailand has to be up there amongst the best. Check out Kho Tao for a great mix of dive schools and stunning island scenery.


Not just the preserve of the jet set, you know. Surprisingly affordable sailing experiences are available for those willing to share a boat (and some expert tuition) with strangers. Of course, if you’re already adept under the sails, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy island hopping.

Where to go: For glorious turquoise seas, head to the Caribbean, specifically the southernmost island on the Antilles archipelago, Grenada.

Blackwater Rafting

It’s not really rafting and it certainly doesn’t involve ‘blackwater’ (don’t Google it), but blackwater rafting is fast becoming a mainstay of adventure pursuits. Pulled along in tubes through cave networks, you can expect to see glowworms, stalactites and a whole hidden world of labyrinthine beauty.

Where to go: New Zealand takes top spot here, namely the Waitomo Caves on the country’s North Island.


If The Tour de France has got you squeezing back into lycra for the first time in years, there can be only one destination befitting your return to the world of (amateur) cycling: vive la France!

Where to go: Although the Pyrenees offers the most challenge, for gentler slopes (and plenty of wine stops) check out the Burgundy region, home to famous wine of the same name.

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