Favourite travel experience | Christine Dennison

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We asked some of our most well-travelled contributors, interviewees and partners about their favourite moments on the road – the experiences that sparked their love for travel or have stuck with them over the years.

Here at battleface, travel is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

The thrill of landing in a new destination, of immersing ourselves in a foreign culture, of pushing ourselves to our physical limits and expanding our understanding of this wide, wonderful planet we all share.

But we can’t do any of that right now.

So, instead we’re going to bask in the warm memories of our favourite travel experiences and daydream about that happy point in the future where we’ve beaten this pandemic.

Christine Dennison is a polar and ocean explorer, founder of Mad Dog Expeditions and Exploring Women and was the first woman to dive both the High Arctic and the Amazon Rio Negro tributaries.

Cornwallis Island, Canadian North: My first scuba dive under Arctic ice tested my mettle to its core. The wind was howling, the snow covered ice caps were blinding, my heart was racing from exhilaration and fear. As I submerged into the pristine -2 degree water, a calmness came over me as I entered a world seen by few people. As I explored the ice caves, kelp and corals that surrounded me, I forgot about my frozen fingers and toes as nothing mattered more than wanting more time underwater amongst the purple and blue hues of the ice.

This remote rugged region of the world is steeped in history, its people and wildlife are forever in my heart. The Arctic challenges me mentally and physically and has found its way deep into my soul, wanting to return time after time. After 20 years of polar expeditions, I remain dedicated to protecting its environment and inhabitants.

Adventurer and Explorer Christine Dennison