In the footsteps of history’s greatest female explorers with Elise Wortley

Elise Wortley is an adventurer who brings to life the journeys of some of history’s greatest female explorers.

Elise, otherwise known as Woman with Altitude, restricts herself to historically-accurate clothing and kit to recreate journeys by women such as Freya Stark, Nan Shepherd and Alexandra David-Neel.

Elise with Miss Stark – Photo Credit Olivia Martin McGuire

So far Elise and her all-female team have embarked on expeditions in the Indian Himalaya, the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland and Iran.

Chopta valley

WHEN IT HITS THE FAN spoke to Elise about the struggles of climbing mountains in vintage hobnail boots and how her unique approach to adventure has given her invaluable insights into some of history’s most intrepid women.

India trip Kangchenjunga

Find out more about Elise here:

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