Infographic: Is it Safe to Swim?

When is the beach safe for swimming after a storm?

Take heed, snowbird: for bacteria, there’s no such thing as a private beach

Ah, island paradise. Back home it’s snowing. Here, the sun is shining and the water’s beautiful. Or is it?

That early morning shower’s rainbows blew up your Instagram account. Almost as much as the cute pics of village children  grinning in front of their authentic tin huts, feet dusty from the dirt road. All those adorable farm animals roaming free.

But where did the water go? If Switzerland had beaches, chances are the water would enter storm drains, get treated and reused. But Switzerland doesn’t have beaches. And it’s snowing there, remember?

A good rule of thumb: if there’s no infrastructure for paved roads, chances are the runoff treatment plan is gravity.

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battleface editor Sasha Gayer
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