Taking the unpredictability out of travel planning

If you’ve been looking longingly at a foreign break this year, there are probably a few questions that have given you pause:

Can I book travel to a country on the amber list? What happens if I transit through a red-list country? Will I require proof of a negative test result to enter a green-list country? Will I have to quarantine upon return to the UK?

With these queries and more swirling around the internet, you could be forgiven for feeling a little confused about your travel options right now.

Green, amber or red?

As tourism takes it first tentative steps towards reopening, those wanting to get away are having to contend with a mixture of rules and guidance about where and when they can travel.

The UK’s traffic light system should be simple enough: green means go, red means no. But the addition of an ‘amber list’ – to whose countries travel is merely ‘advised against’ – have left many scratching their heads.

Add to that the fact that even countries on the green list may not be permitting tourists to enter – or may have drastically different entry conditions – and it starts to feel like booking a much-needed holiday requires a master’s in international relations.

Of course, that’s before you’ve even investigated the tricky matter of ensuring you’re covered by travel insurance during your trip – now, more than ever, a crucial component of staying safe.

Some much-needed certainty

But fear not, because battleface’s interactive Travel Restrictions tool, powered by leading travel-tech firm Sherpa, is designed to strip away the uncertainty and provide you with the facts – whatever your reason for travel.

The tool features drop-down menus where you can select your country of origin, your destination, your departure date and the passport you hold. Once inputted, the tool brings up everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision.
These include:

The specific restrictions in place for your departure date
Any transit restrictions at the airport
Your destination’s quarantine policy
Any mandated accommodation requirements
Health documentation required for entry
Rules regarding mask wearing
Insurance requirements
Any visas required for entry

By being able to access all relevant information in one place, you can make a smart choice about booking flights and accommodation – and reduce the risk that your plans will be stymied by unforeseen developments.

Of course, in this unpredictable climate, that can help to bring financial peace of mind as well, guarding against losing money on non-refundable flight tickets or hotel bookings.

Find out what you need to know for your trip – battleface

Coronavirus insurance

Crucially, the tool also tells you the exact insurance requirements for each destination, meaning you won’t find yourself at arrivals with nothing but a blank stare to offer an already-weary immigration agent.

And make no mistake, travelling abroad currently without securing adequate cover would be seriously unwise.

battleface offers travel insurance which includes cover for medical expenses caused by or resulting from COVID-19. This product is available as part of our Travel Medical product for travellers aged up to and including 59.

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