Travel update on Traffic Light System, vaccine passports and more

Good news! Travel is opening up for UK travellers! Read on for tips on traffic light light system, virtual kidnapping, vaccine passports, travel planning and more.

Get me outta here!

Sun-starved British travellers are racing to countries including Portugal, Greece, Spain and the US, despite amber status and government warnings.

  • battleface policies remain valid irrespective of traffic light colour and/or changes in Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice. Read more

Can’t wait to leave? Expect a wait

Expect enhanced sanitation protocols at every step, including security and toilets, which means longer wait-times. Boring! Don’t be tempted to skip personal data privacy steps. Bring a book or use a VPN in airports. Skip posting updates on social media, where scammers could target your followers in a virtual kidnapping scam.

  • Virtual kidnapping is a thing. Thousands of people stuck waiting in airports whilst security figures out the newest protocols, and everyone holding their passports like lucky charms? Danger!

Vaccine passports?

You may already have one. Recent changes to the NHS app show your UK vaccination record. Here’s what you need to know.

  • battleface provides emergency medical coverage for most UK travellers, including for COVID-19. Read more

Ready… steady… uh-oh

Sunglasses: check. Flight: check. Speedo? No! Check out how to keep your trip on track, including what to look for when booking a flight, accommodation and travel insurance.

  • Ready for an adventure? Visitors to green-listed countries can return to the UK without quarantine, provided they test negative within two days. For those looking past all day on a sunbed, experiences include surfing in Portugal, whale-watching in St Helena, and ice caving in Iceland.

W+I Travel Updates

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Travel Restrictions

Travel regulations are changing constantly. Research your destination carefully, and monitor conditions regularly. For a quick look, enter your home country and travel details into the battleface Travel Restrictions tool to make informed and timely decisions based on factors including trip origin, destination, travel dates, nationality and current restrictions.

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