Up in the air | Are Aussies getting a fair deal on travel?

From flight prices to a lack of consumer protections, Australian travellers are hit on multiple fronts when it comes to booking that big trip.

battleface sat down with our Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand Matt McLellan to find out why Aussies are being short-changed when it comes to getting awayand what they can do about it.

Matt has 20 years of experience in travel technology and distribution, including running the Asia-Pacific business for airline e-commerce platform Navitaire before moving into travel insurance and insurance distribution with New Zealand-based insurer Chubb.

Matt tells battleface Uncharted podcast why the pandemic contributed to pre-existing problems of supply, some of the horror stories he’s seen in terms of airline ticket pricing, and whether we will continue to see the familiar sight of the Aussie backpacker on the streets of Europe, Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

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