Australia – When is the best time to visit?

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You’ve made your mind up; it’s got to be Australia for that next vacation.

But when?

Excellent choice! After checking that you’re up to date with visa entry requirements, your next step with the holiday planning should be deciding exactly when to visit the Lucky Country.

Thinking about the weather? Think hard, its complex!

‘Backwards’ is the first impression that visitors from the northern hemisphere observe about Australia’s seasons. When it’s the winter or summer in the north, then the opposite season is happening in the south – then add to this the complexity of the shoulder seasons. Spring and autumn occur in the opposite of northern months, but that’s only for the regions in Australia that have four seasons.

Confused? Wait, there’s a few more weather essentials that are good to know. It’s only the southern half of Australia where there are four distinct seasons.

Extreme desert

The interior of Australia is a dry arid desert with little rain that scorches in the summer and freezes during winter nights. Unless you’re keen on extreme conditions then the best times to visit the heartlands of Australia are the transitional seasons Autumn (April – June) and Spring (October and November).

Four seasons

If you intend on visiting the south and on the coastal regions in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and Victoria – they’re all four-season States. You’ll find the summer (November – March) reliably warm, though heat waves that touch 45⁰C (115⁰F) aren’t uncommon. Staying near the lower half of Australia, in the state of South Australia, March through May and September through November are periods of sunny but milder weather which are regular and pleasant.

Wet and dry seasons

In the northern sub-tropical and tropic areas that include Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland the weather patterns are characterised by a wet and dry season. The dry season falls on the winter calendar from May to September, with the tropical summer between October and April a mix of sun and rain.

Temperate Tasmania

Then last, but by no means least is the island state of Tasmania, which has a temperate climate, with warm summers and cool winters. The average temperature in Hobart, the capital city, is 17⁰C (63⁰F) in summer and 7⁰C (47⁰F)  in winter. The weather is mild and sunny, with an average of 200 days of sunshine per year. However, it can be wet and windy at times, especially in the mountains.

The best time to visit Tasmania is during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn), when the weather is mild and there are fewer tourists. However, if you are looking for a winter wonderland, Tasmania is also a wonderful place to visit during the snow season, which is in the middle of the year.

See? We told you it was backwards.

Australia — let’s see, dance and cheer

Although Australia is a long, long way from most everyone and everything else, the star power of this country means you’re never lost for planning your trip around music festivals and sports and cultural events that have legendary status.

All time classics such as the Melbourne Cup in November, the Australian Open in January, Australian Formula One in April and New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney are all at the apex of the Australia calendar.

If there is one stereotype that rings true about the citizens in this laid-back country is that they love to party, so you’ll with just a quick web search you’ll find plenty of festivals in Australia and many small, interesting events to discover. If you want to experience amazing cuisine, live music, a vibrant atmosphere, and an unforgettable time, then Australia offers plenty of fun, music, sports and culture year-round.

Beware the Schoolies

Visiting Australia during their school holiday periods can be hectic as families often use this time to have their own vacations. Most Australians have a minimum of 4-weeks paid leave, so the general rule is that parents will take their time off to coincide with school holidays.

What do Schoolies mean for your Australian vacation?

Internal tourism in Australia is a massive thing! The best beaches, the hotels around them, the availability of camper vans and camping sites, the surf spots, the fun parks, museums and national parks are all going to be busier when school is out. Likewise, your flights into Australia and any internal flights will be under the pressure of local demand and the same applies to prices for hotels and rental cars.

Continent or Island?

There’s a common discussion amongst geographers on whether Australia is a country or a continent. The middle ground of the argument is that while Australia is an island, it doubles as the smallest continent governed by one country.

What’s important to know for anyone choosing Australia as there next vacation destination is that you’ll be following the millions of tourists have already discovered that for each of the 365 days in the year, Australia has a perfect holiday experience for everyone.