Advised against travel? battleface in Canada ensures you’re still covered

The advice from the Government of Canada is unequivocal: “Always buy travel medical insurance. If you cannot afford private medical insurance, don’t leave home. Don’t gamble with your life. 

But in spite of this, Canadian NGOs, journalists, contractors and others have long been at mercy of government travel advisories when it comes to obtaining adequate cover. 

Many insurers flat out refuse to cover destinations classified as ‘Avoid all travel’ or ‘Avoid non-essential travel’ due to the increased risks that conflict, political instability, crime, or terrorism pose to travellers. 

Make no mistake, travel advisories provide a crucial function, steering the average traveller away from regions which analysts have deemed pose a real threat. 

But for those intent on visiting high-risk areas, these restrictions can leave them woefully under-protected when they’re most in need. 

Making sure you’re protected 

battleface launched in Canada earlier this year through a partnership with Hunter McCorquodale, and is proud to offer comprehensive, single trip, travel and medical insurance that stands out from the competition. 

Part of that uniqueness is a commitment to provide cover that goes beyond the commonplace restrictions put in place by other insurers – and that includes for travel against government advisories. 

In short, if your customers need to go there, we want to make sure they’re protected.  

That means battleface product features include coverage to destinations classified by Government of Canada Travel Advisories as ‘Avoid all travel’ and ‘Avoid non-essential travel’ as standard, with pricing based on age, destination, and duration of trip.  

Purchase whenever, wherever 

Because we are aware that the particulars of a given trip may vary greatly, we’ve ensured flexibility of trip duration. This means your customers can select cover for a trip of up to a maximum of 365-days duration if required.  

Those heading to higher-risk destinations will be well aware that developments on the ground can occur without notice, forcing unexpected changes to travel plans. That’s why our policies can be purchased whilst already travelling (with coverage starting after 24 hours). 

About Hunter McCorquodale 

Hunter McCorquodale is a part of Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited and a leading developer, distributor and underwriter of Special Risk insurance products in Canada.