battleface Launches Crisis Response Plan in Partnership with MS Risk

battleface is proud to announce a new partnership with MS Risk designed to provide a crisis response plan for all its customers. This coverage expands battleface’s current insurance offerings by providing full-service support in the event of violent crimes, wrongful detention, mysterious disappearance, kidnapping, blackmail, extortion, political threats, hijacking, and acts of terrorism.

“We understand our customer’s needs and adventures go beyond the conventional, so we wanted our policies and offerings to meet those needs. Partnering with MS Risk allows us to not only expand but to offer exceptional coverage in the event of a crisis,” says CEO Sasha Gainullin.

“We’re excited to collaborate with battleface to help identify, mitigate and reduce security risks to protect clients. It is a great collaboration that combines both of our organization’s best offerings,” said CEO of MS Risk, Liam Morrissey.

This new product will be available immediately to all customers as an add-on to any insurance package. For more information, or to learn more, please visit

About MS Risk: MS Risk works in close concert with the global specialist risk insurance markets of Lloyd’s of London, financiers and the legal profession. Experience includes protecting and advising client sectors such as financial services, energy and mining, marine, infrastructure, construction and engineering, hospitality, retail and supply chain. Clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, the legal profession, private equity, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals. MS Risk also works for government departments and non-governmental organisations.

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