battleface partners with YellowMay

With the today’s launch of the beta version of “” users will fall in love with insurances. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of global and regional insurances to customers in from 43 countries, YellowMay becomes the first transparent global Insurance Marketing Platform place without being a broker. #localrisksglobalinsured.

In a dynamic and very diverse market insurances need to find new global sales channels and Marketing opportunities to attract new customers.

“Yellow May is an innovative and unique Marketing channel for all insurance companies that want to use unconventional digital distribution featuring a comprehensive product content globally and locally”, Jussi Tommola CEO of YellowMay says.

“As a consumer it was very hard to find and compare insurances tailored for my needs. Now the first understanding of options is possible in a fun, fast and easy way. Now I can find the most suitable insurance outside the country I live and get the protection I need”, concludes Jouni Heinonen, Chairman and Co-founder of YellowMay.

The goal of YellowMay is to connect insurances and end-customers together on a global level functioning as a gateway to the world’s insurances and becoming the most trusted global insurance source without own insurance products.

Sasha Gainullin, CEO of battleface explains, “Travellers to unconventional destinations have specific needs that regular insurance can’t meet. That’s why we created battleface. With YellowMay, we can help even more customers going to remote or challenging places stay safe.”

MySafety CEO Nicolas Fagerlund adds, “Having a clear focus to reach also all digitally active users and being able to provide safety in all aspects the digital and real life of people. Especially concerning ID frauds.”

Local risk – Globally insured
YellowMay is the insurance Marketing Platform with already hundreds of global and regional products from more than 100 Insurance companies, delivering algorithm-based marketing for consumers. The current product segments travel, identity theft and mobile gadget – insurances are just the starting point and will be enhanced over the next months with the ambition is to have all segments of insurances accessible on the platform.

Today YellowMay can be found in 43 countries and will be growing in the upcoming year to reach a milestone of 1 million users. YellowMay was founded by Jussi Tommola and Jouni Heinonen in 2018 during a mutual MBA study.

About battleface
battleface, Inc. is a full-stack global travel insurance company enabling customers and partners to easily select custom-built products and services that perfectly fit their needs. Access to embedded products, relevant benefits, and responsive customer service from any device—welcome to a better insurance experience. Welcome to battleface.