Explorer Plan

This product is for adventure travelers who need coverage for sports, emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, including travel to isolated places.

We offer optional Cancel For Any Reason coverage as well as upgrades for Sports Equipment, Rental Vehicle Damage, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, and Search & Rescue.

Don’t need it? Don’t pay for it. After selecting a basic plan, there is a section where you can choose optional coverages and benefits. All benefits and limits are per insured. This page is only a summary of our program.

Please read the policy carefully to fully understand the coverage, terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions. This summary does not replace or change any part of the policy. If there is a conflict between this summary and the policy, the policy will control. Please refer to our policy documents for a complete summary. Based on your primary state of residence, you will be able to find and view appropriate policy documents here.

Protect Your Trip with battleface® Travel Insurance

Travel Protection Benefits

Maximum Limits

Trip Cancellation 100% of trip cost (up to a maximum of $20,000)
Cancel For Any Reason (optional) Up to 75% of trip cost
Trip Interruption 100% of trip cost (up to a maximum of $20,000)
Single Occupancy Up to Trip Cancellation maximum
Trip Delay $500 (and $250 for FL residents) per day maximum, of $2,000 per insured
Missed Connection Maximum of $750 per trip

Property Protection Benefits

Baggage & Personal Effects $2,500 per trip
Deductible: $250 and $50 for FL residents
Baggage Delay $100 per day, up to a maximum of $500

Travel Medical Protection

Travel Medical Expense $100,000 per insured
Deductible: $250 and $50 for FL residents
Hospital Room & Board $200 daily limit
Emergency Dental Up to $750
Deductible: $0
Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

of Mortal Remains

Up to $100,000

Travel Accident Protection

Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000 per insured

Travel Inconvenience Protection (not available for FL residents)

Resumption of Trip Up to $500 per trip
Late Night Delay $500 per trip
Extension of Coverage 3 days prior to departure date and 7 days post return date (per trip)

Optional Coverage

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Up to $100,000
Rental Vehicle Damage Up to $35,000 per rented vehicle
Deductible: $250 for loss greater than $2,000
Rental Vehicle Return Up to $2,500
Search & Rescue Up to $50,000
Sports Equipment Package $2,500 per trip, maximum of $1,250 per item
Deductible: $250 per item
Sports Equipment Delay Up to $100 per day, to a maximum of $500
Pre-Existing Condition Waiver If purchased within fifteen (15) days of initial trip payment


What’s included?

Please refer to your policy for additional information.

What is Trip Cancellation?

Trip Cancellation is a pre-departure benefit that may reimburse 100% of a traveler’s pre-paid, non-refundable trip cost if they need to cancel their trip for a covered reason. The most common covered reason is unforeseen sickness, injury, or death of the traveler, a traveling companion, or a non-traveling family member. Other common covered reasons include terrorism, inclement weather, or a natural disaster, among others.

What is Trip Interruption?

Trip Interruption provides reimbursement for prepaid and non-refundable trip payments if a portion of a trip is missed, or the traveler must return home early due to unforeseen circumstances, including illness, injury, or death.

What is Travel Delay?

Travel Delay reimburses the costs of meals and accommodations when a trip is unexpectedly delayed.

What is Accidental Death & Dismemberment?

AD&D provides a cash payment in the event of accidental loss of life or limb during a covered trip.

What does Baggage Loss or Delay include? What does Sports Equipment Cover?

Baggage and Personal Items Loss provides reimbursement for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.

Baggage Delay provides reimbursement for the purchase of clothing, toiletries, and other essential items if a traveler’s luggage is delayed for a specified period of time.

Sports Equipment Loss can reimburse a traveler in the event their own sports equipment is lost or damaged during a covered trip.  Sports Equipment Delay can cover the cost of renting equipment in the event a traveler’s own equipment is delayed while on the way to their destination.

What does Travel Medical Expense cover?

Travel Medical can reimburse the costs to treat a medical emergency during a trip.

What is Emergency Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation can provide coverage for transportation of a traveler to the nearest adequate medical facility in the event of a medical emergency during their trip. Repatriation can transport a traveler’s remains back home.

What does Resumption of Trip do?

If you must interrupt your covered trip due to unforeseen events but are later able to catch up with your original trip, battleface will help you get there.

How does Late Night Delay work?

If you did not reach your destination due to a delay caused by a missed connection while on a trip, this benefit will help. Missed connection will need to be a covered event, and delay would start counting on or after 2am local time.

What is Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage?

Rental Car Damage provides reimbursement for damage to, or theft of, a rental vehicle during a covered trip.

What is Search & Rescue?

Search and Rescue coverage pays for the costs associated with finding a traveler in the event they become lost, disoriented, or go missing while participating in a recreational activity during their trip.

What’s the maximum length of coverage for a policy?

The Explorer plan provides coverage for trips up to 90 days in length.

How does battleface work with my existing insurance?

We will coordinate with your primary insurance first. For example, our medical expense coverage is secondary. During a medical assistance case, we will ask you for your primary insurance carrier information so we can notify them of your claim.

Can I use battleface for travel within the United States?

Yes, battleface plans cover both domestic and international trips.  For domestic travel, you must be traveling  at least one hundred (100) miles from your primary residence.

What is Adventure Sports Coverage?

Provides coverage for many sports activities which would otherwise be excluded. These include leisure and non-professional sports activities in cycling, mountain climbing up to fifteen thousand (15,000) feet, fishing, scuba diving for qualified divers up to a maximum depth of forty (40) meters (one hundred thirty-one (131) feet) and for unqualified divers up to a maximum depth of thirty (30) meters (ninety-eight (98) feet), snorkeling, white- or black-water rafting (grades one to four), canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, camping, hiking, backpacking, and sailing.

Winter sports include downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, off-trail and back-country skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, tobogganing, snow tubing, and ice skating, except where designated unsafe by resort management.

What is a Deductible? Can I change my deductible?

Amount you pay before we do.

Am I eligible for battleface insurance?

This plan is not available for travelers over age 79. The main applicant must be 18 or older to apply for insurance. A parent or other legal custodian must apply for coverage for a minor under 18. Children under the age of 18 may be covered as additional travelers. If the child is not yet 1 year old, enter ‘0’.

Residents of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming may purchase this plan.

Are there any exclusions?

Travel insurance doesn’t cover everything as it was designed to provide coverage for unforeseeable circumstances. The information we provide is a brief summary. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions of the plans described. Coverage may not be the same or available for residents of all states. For a full description of coverage, please carefully read your policy wording here.

Our products and services are not available for trips to Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Mali, Somalia, Republic of South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

What Sanctions & Regulations does battleface follow?

Any payments under this policy will only be made in full compliance with all United States of America economic or trade sanction laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, sanctions, laws, and regulations administered and enforced by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Therefore, any expenses incurred or claims made involving travel that is in violation of such sanctions, laws, and regulations will not be covered under this policy. For more information, consult the OFAC website at www.treas.gov/offices/enforcements/ofac/ or a travel services provider/insurer representative.

Who is the Insurer?

battleface Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by Spinnaker Insurance Company (an IL Corporation, NAIC #24376). Administrative office is located at One Pluckemin Way, Suite 102, Bedminister, NJ 07921. Plans are administered by battleface Insurance Services LLC, 629 N. High Street 6th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, a wholly owned subsidiary of battleface, Inc. battleface Insurance Services LLC, National Producer Number is 18731960 (FL License number W522470; L107363 / CA License number 0M75381). Not all insurance coverage or products may be available in all jurisdictions.

Non insurance services are provided by battleface Assist.

Protect Your Trip with battleface® Travel Insurance