Our Story

Modern travelers don’t want outdated travel insurance. Today’s travelers need lean, tailored, custom insurance that offers relevant products, responsive customer service, and total access from any device—anywhere. That’s why we started battleface. But that’s just the start.

Designed for active travelers. Let’s face it: Active travelers need different insurance than great-grandmothers on cruise ships. If your idea of an awesome trip includes hiking, biking, swimming, exploring, and other action-packed itineraries, then you found your insurance company. We cover emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, adventure activities, and travel to isolated places—all with access to 24/7 on-the-ground assistance.

Customize your protection. Don’t need it? Don’t pay for it. We begin with the basics. From there, individuals and groups can build need-based plans and get quotes in minutes. We also design specific plans for groups from the ground up, based on destination, demographics, activities, and more.

Because inspiration doesn’t always happen during business hours, we’re available 24/7 for tips on customizing plans.

What’s next? Visit our travel blog Words+Images. Check out articles on can’t-miss destinations, travel safety and security, original interviews, interactive infographics, and much more. It’s the next best thing to traveling yourself.

It’s time for modern travel insurance—for the modern traveler. It’s time for battleface.

Our mission        

At battleface, we’re building a humanity-focused travel insurance company to bring people and the world together.

Why battleface?           

battleface provides travel insurance benefits and services to travelers visiting or working internationally, including in the world’s most challenging destinations. We cover emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, adventure activities, and travel to isolated places, with 24/7 assistance and claims services.

Right now, the map keeps changing. What may be an approved destination at the time of booking could be under advisory by boarding time. At battleface, we deliver insurance that doesn’t quit when circumstances change.

  • Our team: the best in the business for travel, insurance, underwriting, product creation, claims, and emergency travel and medical assistance services
  • Our products: created with the support of A-rated global insurance carriers
  • Our tech: easy to integrate and use. Built with the latest digital tools around
  • Our availability: selling in 54 countries and growing
  • Our mission: to deliver simple solutions worldwide to travelers heading out on their next adventures

For travelers everywhere            

We’re working hard to bring insurance and services to people going places all over the world. That’s why we also offer partner products for underserved markets, including international workers and expatriates.


Designed for the needs of the digital customer, our API-based platform features custom software, mobile, and web-based applications. This flexibility lets people find our products not just on our website, but also through specialty travel agencies, operators, aggregators, websites, bloggers, and insurance broker networks. For partners, getting started is a snap, with custom builds and drag-and-drop integration.

On-the-ground emergency support and assistance services are built into every policy, and accessible 24/7 via a platform that fits in your pocket.