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Could you define a group?

We cater for groups of people who travel, live and work internationally. You can list up to 10 travellers on any one policy.

Am I eligible to purchase?

You are eligible to buy if: You are 18 years of age or older, but not more than 99 years of age The date of your departure is no more than 12 months from the date of purchase You are an Australian resident You have not commenced your trip If for any reason you cannot … Read more

Can I extend my policy if I plan to travel longer?

You may be able to extend your policy by contacting our team directly. Several factors may be considered including whether the original policy has lapsed. The policy automatically extends if your return is delayed by an event covered under the policy, until you are able to return to Australia by the quickest route.

Policy changes and cancelling my policy?

You can change your travel dates any time before the start of your trip and cancellation is free within the cooling-off period. We can offer you a full refund provided you cancel within 21 days of receiving your policy documents and before the start date of your policy. If you have already embarked on your … Read more

Am I covered for dental treatment?

We’ll pay up to AUD $2,000 per insured person for: the cost of essential temporary treatment for the immediate relief of pain or discomfort to sound, healthy and natural teeth; and/or emergency repairs to dentures and orthodontic appliances carried out solely to alleviate distress in eating

What do you consider to be a pre-existing medical condition?

Our definition of pre-existing medical condition is, in the 12 months before buying the policy: a medical or dental condition of which you’re aware, or the related complication you have, or the symptoms of which you’re aware a medical or dental condition currently being, or has been, investigated or treated by a medical practitioner (including … Read more

Do I need to declare my pre-existing conditions?

There is no cover for losses incurred from any pre-existing medical condition impacting you, a member of the travelling party or a non-travelling close relative, your business partner or co-worker. This doesn’t apply to automatically covered conditions. You don’t need to disclose your pre-existing conditions to us when you buy a policy, but we may … Read more