Because a group plan for humanitarian activities in Nairobi doesn’t have the same needs as a business project in Bangladesh, we gather information about group destinations, demographics, activities and specific needs.

At battleface we customise and develop plans specifically for groups of people who travel, live and work internationally


We work with NGOs, humanitarian aid groups, mission groups, charities and many other foundations operating globally, including those located in hostile or challenging destinations.


Expat employees working and living internationally, including in hostile and remote areas, need reliable access to high-quality services backed by insurance benefits that deliver real-time solutions.


We work with universities, groups of students, educators, and researchers living, studying and working around the world. On-the-ground emergency support is built into every solution with 24/7 access and support.

Policy tailoring

Once we’ve targeted bare essentials with one of our standard travel benefits plans, the tailoring process begins. We match add-ons based on a group-specific profile. These can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Trip cancellation & curtailment
  • Equipment
  • Baggage & personal effects
  • Personal liability
  • Personal accident
  • Crisis response
  • Kidnap & ransom
  • Political evacuation
  • Security evacuation
  • Natural disaster evacuation

Another way battleface keeps costs under control is by working directly with the service provider Tangiers International.

We manage costs by using on-the-ground teams that find the most appropriate hospitals, translate, organise, handle logistics and liaise with local governments. Using cashless medical networks keeps things moving efficiently and effectively.

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