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As a couple, Eros and I love travelling long journeys by bike and we have always organised our trips from
battleface have provided the Lastoverland team with travel medical insurance for the expedition, we will be updating their progress here
How do you like to return from a trip abroad?
Of course, for the more intrepid travellers, compulsory insurance is nothing new.
Take a look at your travel document. Are you still sporting that ironic moustache? Gained or lost weight?
Protests have typically taken places on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and even at Hong Kong International Airport.
Samuel Eder asked how to get to the loo without getting blown up. Halfway there, he heard a familiar whirring.
There’s that drunken night out in Stockholm when you decided a traffic cone would make a truly fabulous wizard’s hat.
If you’re visiting Hong Kong and want to avoid getting caught up in protests, consult international media.
Going off the beaten track is one thing, but doing it in North Korea is another entirely.