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Mountain biking in Morocco

As a couple, Eros and I love travelling long journeys by bike and we have always organised our trips from head to toe.

Six terrifying travel experiences for fearless globetrotters

How do you like to return from a trip abroad?

Is the era of mandatory travel insurance upon us?

Of course, for the more intrepid travellers, compulsory insurance is nothing new.

Kate Leeming | Breaking the Cycle

Overall, the biggest danger, as with cycling on any road in the world, is being hit by a vehicle.

Visiting Rason in the Northeast of North Korea

Going off the beaten track is one thing, but doing it in North Korea is another entirely.

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Humphrey’s latest book My Midsummer Morning: Rediscovering How to Live Adventurously will be released on May 30th.

Sophie Hollingsworth | Modern Day Explorer

Interview by Christine Dennison

Everest | the world’s highest garbage dump

They came, they saw, they… littered?

Exploring Abandoned Singapore

Southeast Asia’s wealthiest country is glamorous on the surface, but there’s another side of the country that often gets forgotten: abandoned Singapore. With all the...

Dangerous dive: Dahab’s Blue Hole

It’s as beautiful as it is dangerous.

A veteran tour guide’s safety tips for Egypt

Is Egypt safe? A tour guide's tips

10 reasons why you don’t need travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is overrated, a hassle and a waste of money. Right? 10. I've got 9 perfectly good other fingers. Small injuries can get nasty...