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Fixers | Journalists getting fixed in faraway places

More than being a foreign correspondent's eyes and ears, the best fixers can also be the reporter’s early warning system too.

High time for changing flying habits

For me, the dream of international air travel may not be over, but it has been temporarily grounded.

How a little language goes a long way

The humble tourism phrasebook seems a little passé these days, don’t you think?

Off the beaten track traveller Joan Torres

Spaniard Joan Torres is the man behind Against the Compass, a travel blog that challenges travellers to explore more adventurously by providing practical information...

How to communicate when language fails

Learning the skills necessary for non-verbal or limited language communication.

The business of kidnap and ransom insurance

An increasing number of big high-flying companies have Kidnap & Ransom coverage for their staff nowadays.

Mountain biking in Morocco

As a couple, Eros and I love travelling long journeys by bike and we have always organised our trips from head to toe.

Six terrifying travel experiences for fearless globetrotters

How do you like to return from a trip abroad?

Is the era of mandatory travel insurance upon us?

Of course, for the more intrepid travellers, compulsory insurance is nothing new.

Is it now becoming unsafe to travel in Hong Kong?

Protests have typically taken places on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and even at Hong Kong International Airport.

The six most inappropriate tourist selfies ever

There’s that drunken night out in Stockholm when you decided a traffic cone would make a truly fabulous wizard’s hat.

Hong Kong protests | What you need to know

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and want to avoid getting caught up in protests, consult international media.