Five-Minute Fixes with Duct Tape

Jason Eppink/CC BY 2.0

The waterproof skater standby is as durable and handy on the road as it is at the skatepark. Knowing what to do with duct tape when you’re in a pinch can save your life.

Create a Malaria-Free Zone

Patch all the holes in your mosquito net with duct tape. First time in the tropics? Be sure to do this before dusk, otherwise you‘ll spend the night as the private buffet for a skeeter hen party.

Take That, Chigger!

Or tick, or splinter, or cactus spine. If you don’t feel like digging that sucker out with tweezers, try duct tape. Just remember to pull along with the direction of the foreign body.

Take That, Blister!

Duct tape is waterproof, doesn’t slide around like more expensive Band-Aids do, and it comes in super cool colours.

Bug Strip

Hang a strip in any area in which you are plagued by flying insects. Wait a bit. Once the room is cleared of flies or the strip is full, toss the lot into a bin. Fashion tip: use the fancy duct tape you used on your blisters. The bright colours will attract more insects.

Getting Out of Duct Tape Handcuffs

This is one you’ll want to practise at home. Note: If this is more than a party trick, consider adding kidnap insurance to your travel medical insurance.


Cover Your Tracks

Wrap your former fetters around the soles of your shoes to camouflage your footprints.

Duct tape isn’t just for wallets and prom dresses any more. You don’t even have to bring it with you; it’s everywhere. So the next time you’re on the road and need a sticky fix, don’t forget the duct tape.