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Response we’ve received on a battleface article featuring the low-cost Lily camera drone caught the attention of our readers, and, another drone market player: Hexo+

As of now the battleface team is reliably informed by Hexo+ representative Sabrina Klein that we’ll find their drone ‘superior’ to the Lily drone – although she could have sent one along in the post for us to try, hey Sabrina?

Getting straight into the action of the drone that tracks its user is brand ambassador Xavier De La Rue; a giant of the professional snowboarding scene who regularly tackles slopes that look too perfect to be in any ski run that normal travellers come across and too scary for sane people attempt to descend on a sliver of slippery wood.

But if the promo videos on the Hexo+ website really show the footage that their own market-ready device holding a standard GoPro can shoot, then they’ve just signed battleface up as fans.

In Hexo+ literature the blurb is:

Completely autonomous flight, guaranteed framing. No one to hold the camera? Not a problem. Hexo+ autonomously tracks you and makes sure you’re in the shot. And you can choose to capture yourself in action from any angle, front, back, sides, above and everywhere in between, close up or far away. Enjoy the important stuff, the filming is taken care of, hands free.

The tech review sites also seem to have taken an interest in Hexo+ with favourable reviews flowing on the ingenuity of the phone app that controls the machine. The Hexo+ drone communicates with any iOS or Android smartphone and films from a double-axis gimbal that holds a GoPro suspended under the drone’s body.

The Hexo+ app allows the user to select the perspective from which they wish to be filmed – such as from the front, the rear, from the left or right and with settings for pitch and angle too. Once these parameters are all done the drone can automatically take off and hover until the user starts to do his, or her thing with tracking enabled by GPS – although the really clever stuff is the predictive algorithms that anticipate the path or trajectory of the user and looks for an ideal framing solution.

With a reported flying speed of 70km/h it’s unlikely that even snowboard speedster Xavier De La Rue is going to outrun this stalker on his best day, although the flight time limit of 15 minutes might give him some leeway in the endurance stakes.

Back with Hexo+ rep Sabrina, she’s told battleface that, “our previous Kickstarter campaign has raised over $US1.3 million funded by more than 2,000 backers from across the world. Now we’re also taking pre-orders on our official website hexoplus.com with large scale delivery planned for September.”

All the details on what it will cost and what the accessories are can be found on Hexo+ site, while we here at battleface keep checking with the postman hoping that he brings along our pre-order sample to field test……so come on Sabrina, why the delay….? Lily were talking to us as well.

Find out more here: https://hexoplus.com

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