Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show | 2017’s must-have gadgets

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The 5-day Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 saw some 200,000 tech enthusiasts get the first look and feel at this year’s new ‘smart’ toys, tools, entertainment, lifestyle and communication products. From the super high-tech to the obscure and weird, here are battleface’s favourites.


CES isn’t a show without new TV technology and 2017 was highlighted by LG’s Signature OLED W7 which is claimed to be the lightest, thinnest and most beautiful TV on the planet. Big claim? Well, possibly – but the crowds and critics loved it. Check it out for yourself.


Sharing photos or videos with friends just got boosted with Sony Experia’s projector that turns any flat surface like a wall or bench top into a large and interactive touchscreen.


Lego Boost. Take Lego and add technology. Simple! These motorized Lego bricks bring the build to life and teach basic programming skills along the way.


Need reminder notes but never find pen or paper? Try this printer by Mangoslab. Pair your smart phone with it and draw or write your note and hit the print icon. Easy!


Personal protection is the aim with Aluma Connect’s speedy alert system to emergency services that connects to the back of most smart phones. With a push the of the button on the device a 135-decibel alarm rings out, an LED strobe light goes crazy and alerts get sent to friends and family with a text or email with a map of your location.


Hackers get out! Symantec has embedded cybersecurity right into the Wi-Fi network with Norton Core’s router. This hardware unit operates as a whole-area anti-virus protection against malware, intrusions, botnet attacks or other new evil things set to test our digital devices.


Safety is the key with In & Motion’s smart motorcycle vest. The vest works like a personal airbag for the rider and will sense if the wearer is falling, inflating to protect before impact.


Had too much Xmas pudding and switching to a healthier diet? Terraillon has created a kitchen scale that can do a visual scan of your fresh food – that’s fruit, vegetables and even raw meat – and tell you its nutritional information.


With respiratory diseases on the rise in polluted urban areas, the ‘Flow’ portable air-quality monitor from Plume Labs advises users from lights on the device or an app just how fresh, clean, and safe their outdoor air really is.


Because we love the action shots we couldn’t go past the new cam from YI Technology. Watch out GoPro because apart from the price, the 4K video at 60 frames per second is going to produce serious high quality videos and pics for the amateur and professional user.


Finally, cult status from serious gamers was already attached to the launch of the newest gaming laptop by Razer – three fold-out 4K screens give the users 180⁰ vision and immerse them further into the cyber world. Also, a pre-sale model was stolen from the show with a $25,000 reward offered for its return. Industrial espionage or just a publicity stunt?

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