Meet Tony and Kamo.

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Tony desperately trying to look cool

Who are you?

Tony Goring, 50ish of uncertain nationality. I have lived in South Africa for 11 years having lived in the UK Ireland, Malaysia and Switzerland along the way. Johannesburg is now my home town and I really don’t see myself leaving. It’s that good here! My work is my hobby but I also enjoy shouting at the television and great South African wine.


Kamo after a hard day’s work

Kamo Senoko, mid-thirties, South African through and through. Home is a Township called Vergenoeg near Kimberley, the capital of the Northern Cape Province but nowadays I live in the world-famous Johannesburg suburb of Soweto. My main hobby is eating and enjoying a beer.

What do you do?

We conduct workers’ compensation enquiries and Medical Case Management services for Tangiers International. Most of those involved are security contractors who have experienced everything from tripping on a stone, damaging an ankle, through to incredibly traumatic incidents causing severe physical and mental injuries. Sounds gruesome doesn’t it? The fact is that through this work we have dealt some of the most incredible, resilient and inspiring individuals you could wish to meet.

For example?

A golden moment: unconscious security contractor, in a coma, suffering from multiple organ failure and oxygen starvation. He was medevacked to South Africa from a conflict zone, having been given a 5% chance of survival. We secured permission for him to enter the country, had an intensive care ambulance on the tarmac waiting for five hours after inflight issues, and negotiated his admission to one of South Africa’s finest private hospitals without paying a penny, based on strength of the company’s reputation.

We liaised with the department of health, air traffic control, customs, cardiothoracic surgeons, neurosurgeons, endocrinologists, really incredible nurses, physio therapy specialists, and others in all manner of obscure medical fields, not to mention pen pushers bean counters and similar irritatants. Three months later we took him home, with the only lasting injuries being a numb little finger.

Supper the goat. No, we didn't eat him. We just named him Supper.

Supper the goat. No, we didn’t eat him. We just named him Supper.

What are your qualifications?

Simply staggering amounts of patience, a good sense of humour and the ability to talk to anyone about anything. Every day experience brings more qualifications that one might think.

What’s up with the goat?

Supper was the runt of the herd on a neighbour’s property.

The neighbour’s children nursed her and got her healthy, but she became a pet and the children wouldn’t let their Dad take it off for slaughter. I lived on the neighbouring property which was overrun with vegetation, so I purchased Supper for the children. The children got to visit Supper regularly, Dad got paid and I got my grass and bushes trimmed free of charge. Everyone’s a winner!

When I got Supper I had two chickens called Pie and Curry. I couldn’t think of a goat dish off of the top of my head so just came up with the generic name Supper.

She became a bit of a mascot.

Why are you good at your job?

Because we would be unemployable in an office environment or having a boss that chases us around. We have to be to be good at this, otherwise we would not be able to eat! It’s also not too tough to be good at something you enjoy.

A typical day in our boardroom

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