Personal Safety Apps

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So you’re alone, you’re in a dodgy part of town late at night, maybe you’re caught in a riot or perhaps you’re an adventurer or just super cautious when you’re in a new country – whatever the reason and whatever your need, if you’ve got a smart phone and some data or WiFi connection then an e-guardian angel can be right there on your shoulder.

Have a look at a few of the Personal Safety Apps that battleface has read about:

SOS My Location

This location tracker App will send your precise GPS position and a seven second video clip to your entire emergency contact list when you punch the SOS call. Now where was that App icon kept….?

Sentinel SOS

This security app claims to be the fastest SOS app available in the current market and also claims that it works even without an Internet connection or network. Marketing sales hype or real winner in the SOS App war?


This is a simple and ingenious way using an App when you feel unsafe. You hold the safe button on the App’s icon till you feel safe or in control. If you release the button the App will send out an SOS call and messages along with location information within ten seconds. Thankfully the App is easily disabled by a PIN (otherwise your thumb is gonna cramp up!)

React Mobile

Slide this app’s ‘Follow Me’ button and your emergency contacts will know your location and can track your location in real-time. Once you arrive to safety, slide to the green ‘I’m Safe’ button and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Phew.


This web-based service that checks in with you and sends an alert to pre-selected contacts should you fail to respond. – so Kitestring works its SOS actions through your inaction. And because there is a check-in word and duress code the app will keep working even if someone else gains control of your phone. Not good for the absentminded….


The App is designed primarily for runners, hikers, cyclists and others that don’t want to take their phone with them when they’re out doing their stuff. Users set how long they’re going to be gone and where they are going. If they don’t check in within the time limit, their emergency contacts in their phone are alerted by email and text. Also good for blind dates!

Obviously we’ve come a long way since writing SOS in the sand and preparing a big bonfire to alert passing aircraft or ships for rescues was advised. At battleface we advocate that the key to surviving any situation that brings danger or uncertainty is to be aware of the risks and calculate how to mitigate them. Then of course there is the experience that specialist training provides.

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