Jan Husar: Witnessing Gaza

Approx read: 1 minute

From the artist:

‘War, war never changes, from the lowering of Beit Hanoun, around Javalia, south to strip, and trying to make it to the main hospital, ain’t easy when there is no rescue, no people to help you, the engine won’t start, the bus won’t leave, and there is no gasoline. These are the stories from the hospital of Al Shifa. From the window, passing by a saw a small boy and behind him some tank or mortar shells – likely a part of which lowered his home to the ground few days earlier and then you move to a surgeon pulling 40 hour shifts find his home burned and destroyed in a residential building. He owned a flat at the second floor and is working in Al-Shifa Hospital as a medical doctor.’

Ján Husár is a documentary producer and photographer, a visual journalist and humanitarian based in Eastern Europe, born in 1982 in Nitra, Czechoslovakia. Husár is affiliated with Team Sharkwater, Revolution, PSnine, Transterra Media, Medesins Sans Frontiers, Hack4Good, NatGeo, Earth Relief Network, Emphas.is.

All images © Ján Husár

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