surfEXPLORE takes battleface to Pacific Indonesia

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In an age when people think it has all been done, and documented instantly on Facebook and Instagram, there are still many places in the world where the adventurous can go, where there are new waves and new experiences, where there are no reservations and no Internet.

Once again, surfEXPLORE hits the waves!SurfEXPLORE Sierra Leone

The gang expect to hit Jakarta Monday, and continue on to West Papua. As in other expeditions, surfEXPLORE will seed new surfing communities along the way.

It’s not just about the waves. surfEXPLORE members serve as environmental ambassadors through sea microplastics research, teachers of surfing safety and education, and mentors by setting up sustainable businesses for local surfing communities. They get to know the locals.

battleface is proud to sponsor the surfEXPLORE group as their commitment to exploration for new waves is as deep and profound as our covenant to serve our policy holders in every possible situation with our experienced team of insurance professionals.

Keep an eye on the battleface blog and Facebook page for surfEXPLORE updates, interviews and images, filed where and when available, between waves.

Sam is a travel writer, academic, surfer and presenter from Cornwall in the UK, and Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Cultural Tourism Management BA Hons at Falmouth University. His research in cultural tourism, surf travel and geography is particularly focused on Cornwall, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Surf travel has led Sam to visit sixty countries, documenting cultural tourism frontiers in Haiti, China, Algeria, Liberia, Oman and South Korea. Sam's roots, however, remain in Penwith, where he lives with his family above Gwenver beach, close to Land's End. Follow Sam on Twitter @SamBleakley1.