7 adventure travel vehicles we NEED in our lives

Human-powered adventures are great. But sometimes you’ve just gotta give it some throttle.

And that means adventure vehicles. Whether you’re taking on trails, the ocean or even the blue skies above, there’s a vehicle which can probably do the job.

Check out battleface’s recommendations for adventure travel vehicles that have got us counting our pennies.


Gravity Industries may sound like it’s straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its flagship jet suit is far from fantasy.

Powered by five turbines generating more than 1,000bhp and capable of speeds up to 85mph, it’s the toy we’ve all been secretly wishing someone would get around to inventing.

It’s also a potential game changer when it comes to mountain rescue. Check out jet suit inventor Richard Browning reaching a ‘casualty’ in the Lake District in just 90 seconds here.

Surf’s up!

No surf? No problem. Lift Foil’s electric hydrofoil surfboard can see you floating above the water at 25mph while nearby kayakers drop their paddles in disbelief.

And with a full 90-minute ride time per charge, it’s surprisingly practical for an afternoon on the water (charging point permitting!).


Yes, it looks like something out of an 80s sci-fi movie. But Tesla’s utterly bonkers truck-of-the-future has some serious spec underneath that stainless steel exoskeleton.

A 250-mile range, 3,500 pounds of payload capacity and, yes, bullet proof windows (in case the going gets really tough), mean the Cybertruck is certainly not an exercise in style.

Super bike?

Electric scooter rentals have popped up in cities all over the globe in the past couple of years. But for anyone looking to explore in style, you can’t get much better than the Super 73.

Offering retro stylings, a comfortable 25kph top speed and all the cool you can handle, the Super 73 the city explorer we always wanted.

Going overland

Whether you’re taking a family of five on holiday or escaping a zombie apocalypse, this beast of an overlanding truck has you covered.

At an eye-watering $750,000 (for the model featured above), it certainly doesn’t come cheap, but for those with deep enough pockets, this is one vehicle that should last you a lifetime.

Underwater adventure

Back within our budget, the Sublue Whiteshark ‘underwater scooter’ will have you racing dolphins in no time.

With a battery life of 30 minutes and a top speed of only 3mph, it’s more a toy than the future of underwater transportation, but for some fun at the seaside it certainly ticks the boxes.

Off-road electric

Electric dirt bikes may not have the snarl of their petrol-powered cousins, but for sheer adrenaline-flowing fun, they certainly hold their own.

With a top speed of 45mph+, a climbing ability of more than 45 degrees and a range of 20-60 miles per charge, the Sur Ron X (featured above) is a strong contender in a rapidly growing market.