Your 2023 Chinese New Year checklist

The Year of the Rabbit is just a hop away.

Are you ready?

Chinese New Year is on 22 January. Follow this 5-day guide to prepare for and celebrate the holiday.

5 days out: shop for a new look and NYE supplies

Like the Oscars, you can’t show up for New Year celebrations in last year’s clothes. This is also a good time to get that haircut your grandmother’s been bugging you about.

Start stocking up the pantry for the cooking to come. Don’t forget holiday decorations, firecrackers, and red envelopes. Hit the cash machine for crisp bills to stuff inside.

4 days out: clean, declutter and donate

This is not the time of year to start a kitchen reno. Fix or recycle broken household items, make room in your closet for new togs by donating clothes you don’t wear. Clean your house as if all the aunties are coming over for an inspection, ahem, visit. Because they are.

3 days out: settle financial and social debts

Begin the year with a balanced books. Clean up your social credit score by addressing misunderstandings and disagreements.

2 days out: decorating and last-minute shopping

Celebrate the year’s renewal with decorations and plants. Cut flowers bought a few days ahead should be in full bloom for the big day. Even if you have a black thumb, lucky plants and flowers can usually survive 48 hours of neglect.

Ask the person cooking what they need and fill any gaps in the grocery list. To keep your luck going into the next year, make sure your rice bins are full.

NYE: make some noise!

Dress in your NYE best and brightest and celebrate with family. Stuff your face with auspicious foods as you wait for midnight. When the clock strikes 12, open windows and doors to welcome in the new year and head outside for firecrackers.

NYD: be nice, be generous

New year, new you! Wearing new clothes, distribute your red envelopes. Be civil to others, despite their unsolicited advice or political rants. Wish friends and neighbours good luck in the new year. Eat leftovers.

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