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The largest airline in Finland and one of the oldest Finnair celebrated its 100th year in November 2023.

Finnair recently updated its baggage allowance in June, as well.

When airlines change their baggage policies, it can lead to confusion.

According to Finnair: ‘If you purchased your ticket before 1 June, you travel with your original ticket and baggage allowance included in it. However, if you make changes to your travel dates, the new baggage rules apply.

Here’s a breakdown of the updated baggage allowances.

Carry-on baggage allowance

The number of carry-on bags depends on the travel class and ticket. Carry-on bag measurements are 55cm x 40cm x 23cm. The allowance is 1 bag of this size on all fares from Economy Classic up to Business Flex.

Economy Superlight fares do not come with this free baggage allowance but you can add it for a fee.

All passengers can also bring a small bag, free of charge, which must fit under the seat in front. This could be a handbag, small backpack or laptop bag. The measurements cannot exceed 40cm x 30cm x 15cm.

The combined weight of both carry-on bags can not be more than 8kg for all Economy type fares. The combined weight of both carry-on bags cannot be more than 12kg for all Business fares.

If you arrive at check-in exceeding your allowance, the airline charges €60 per bag to place it in the hold.

You should also note that any items purchased at the airport are part of your carry-on allowance.

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Checked baggage allowance

For tickets bought from 1st June 2023, the check-in baggage allowance for tickets is below. For tickets bought before the update, check FinnAir’s guidelines.

Economy Light, Superlight, Premium Light and Business Light classes do not include any free checked bags.

Economy Classic and Economy Flex: Checked bags must measure no larger than 90cm x 75cm x 45cm and weigh a maximum of 23 kg.

For most flights, passengers in Economy Classic and Economy Flex are allowed 1 checked bag. This includes children with reserved seats and infants 0-2 years.

For journeys between Japan and Europe, passengers in these classes with ticketed seats (including children) are allowed 2 bags. Infants 0-2 are allowed 1 checked bag each.

Premium Economy Classic and Premium Economy Flex: For most flights, allowances are the same as for Economy Classic and Flex. For journeys between North America and Europe, passengers with reserved seats may check 2 bags, and infants are allowed 1 each.

Business Classic and Business Flex: If you travel on Business Classic and Business Flex, your allowance varies depending on the destination. The luggage measurements remain the same at 90cm x 75cm x 45cm but the weight allowance varies, according to the journey. Allowances apply to all passengers with reserved seats, including children. On all flights, infants 0-2 are allowed 1 checked bag weighing 23kg.

Journeys between Japan and Europe – 3 bags weighing up to 32kg each.

Journeys between mainland China and Europe and North America and Europe – 2 bags weighing up to 32kg each.

Journeys to/from Asia and the Middle East and all other destinations – 1 bag weighing up to 23kg.

Extra baggage

If your bag exceeds size or weight allowances, you will incur excess baggage charges. Each charge is for one way.

The maximum size allowed is 190cm x 75cm x 65cm. The maximum amount of baggage per booking is 10 pieces.

Special items, such as wheelchairs, certain sports equipment and large musical instruments require prior approval. All other baggage exceeding the standard measurements/weights can only go as cargo. It is always best to pre-pay for your excess baggage online as it costs less than at the airport.

Extra carry-on

For extra carry-on within Northern Europe, there is a charge of €9 each way. Northern Europe includes Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Journeys within the rest of Europe cost €14 each way. Pre-pay online at any time until flight departure.

If you opt to pay the charges at the airport, the fee for all journeys within Europe is €30 each way until check-in closes.

Failure to buy the appropriate extra baggage option will result in a charge of €60 and the bag being placed in the hold.

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Extra 23kg checked bag

If you want to check an extra bag weighing up to 23kg, the charges vary depending upon your destination. Fees vary from €24 to €70 each way and can be prepaid online 50-80 minutes before departure. You can read the details here.

If you wait until you’re at the airport to pay for your excess baggage, the fees between Finland and Europe are €60. Other destinations vary between €90 and €180 each way. Again, check the Finnair extra baggage fees link above for a detailed overview.

Extra 32kg checked bag

A heavy or oversized bag is a bag that weighs 23–32kg or exceeds the standard size of 90cm x 75cm x 45cm. The greatest allowed dimensions are 190cm x 75cm x 65cm.

If you need an extra heavy bag, then pay for this beforehand with charges between €60 and €110 each way. Otherwise, waiting until you reach the airport will cost more and is between €80 and €160 each way.

If your bag is both heavy and oversized, you should contact Finnair customer care. Make sure you know which options are available to you on your flight.


Regardless of which ticket you have booked, you can still bring a foldable pushchair free of charge. If the pushchair (including wheels), is within the size and weight of a carry-on bag, it is considered part of the carry-on allowance. You can then also bring a small bag (handbag or small laptop bag), which has to fit under the seat in front of you. Larger pushchairs may be checked. For children with reserved seats up to 7 years old, there is no charge for a child safety seat. Read more information on children’s gear and family travel here.

Special baggage

Special baggage is anything larger or heavier than standard baggage. Fees for special baggage vary by destination and the item you wish to take. But the prices are €70-€300 one way. It is best to contact the airline if you are unsure or read about their extra baggage fees here.

Sports equipment

Finnair consider sports equipment as a standard bag. If it weighs no more than 23kg and measures no more than 90cm x 75cm x 45cm, it can be carried as part of your normal baggage allowance. If your equipment exceeds these measurements, you can take it with you for an extra charge.

The following sports items are special baggage: skiing equipment, golf clubs, ski equipment, bicycles, surfboards, windsurfing boards, canoes and kayaks, vaulting poles.

Musical instruments

You can take your musical instrument with you on your trip. Take it either in the cabin or the hold, depending on its size. Most instruments fit within the normal baggage allowance and each counts as a piece.

Carry-on: If it’s in a case no bigger than 125cm and doesn’t exceed the weight allowance, you can place it in an overhead locker or under the seat in front. It counts as one piece of carry-on baggage, so you can also take one small bag such as a handbag or laptop bag. If you are travelling on a Superlight ticket, you will need to pay a carry-on fee for your instrument.

If your instrument exceeds the 125cm or weight (8kg/12kg) limits, you can buy an extra seat. Do this via Finnair’s customer service.

Checked instruments: If your instrument weighs less than 23kg and is smaller than 90cm x 75cm x 45cm, you can check it into the hold. If your instrument is between 23kg and 32kg and/or 190cm x 75cm x 65cm you can take it for an extra heavy bag charge.

If your instrument exceeds these measurements, contact Customer Service before travelling.

The new allowances do seem quite complex and vary by ticket type and destination, but with due diligence, you shouldn’t get caught short. If in doubt, always check with the airline for their most up-to-date baggage policies and terms.

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