Business Travel Insurance: Beyond the briefcase

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Is it just regular holiday insurance stuffed into a suit?

Not always! Let’s take a look.

Business equipment

While some travel challenges are the same as for flip-flopped jet setters (accidents happen and luggage gets lost) it’s unlikely that holidaymakers will urgently need to replace a digital flipchart that took a nosedive. Business travel insurance can include cover for the repair or replacement of business equipment.

Corporate events

For toe-crushing flipchart mishaps and other injuries sustained at the convention booth, this type of insurance may have a corporate event benefit, which covers certain medical costs for guests of business travellers.

Business documents and records

Corporate types and pickpockets agree; dressing to impress makes business travellers stand out.

Some plans have a benefit for lost or damaged business documents, which can cover some of the cost of replacing them.


Many business travellers are combining business and leisure travel. That’s why some business travel policies include leisure travel cover for a few days before or after designated work days. Nice perk!

Types of business travel plans

While some companies offer individual plans, the most convenient plan is an annual business travel insurance covered by the company. This type of plan can cover corporate events abroad for groups as well as frequent solo or team trips.

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For businesses, corporate plans may have options for customisation. These can include benefits tailored to the type of business (corporate, educational, non-profit) or specific activities. Say, a mask salesperson at SnorkelCon hosting a demo in real water.

Claims and assistance can be streamlined with one plan for the whole company.

With a business travel plan in place, travellers can save a step. This means more time on the road to model masks and finagle flipcharts for the company.

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