What is Winter Sport Insurance?

Approx read: 2 mins

Winter. Hit the slopes, right? But what happens if mid-slalom, that region slides into a red zone and minutes later, you slide into a tree?

Plenty of places are offering incredible discounts for winter sport holiday packages these days, and winter sport is an inherently socially-distancing activity: poles, goggles, masks, 2-metre-long gear.

The good news

Resorts are working hard to ensure social-distancing regulations, which means previously packed, moist gondolas now offer the rider an opportunity to see out the window without having to wipe away the condensed exhalations [spit] of 20 riders! This is a good thing.

Booking your trip with a credit card often offers free travel insurance. It’s an automatic thing, that often covers trip cancellation, baggage cover, basic stuff. That’s useful, but…

The bad news

Most credit card and basic travel insurance plans don’t include winter sports. Why? I don’t know, maybe because most of the world regards sliding down an icy hill or across frozen water at speed as an opportunity for disaster?

Even worse, medical claims can be denied due to ever-changing government travel warnings that can negate coverage, mid-trip.

Read the fine print

Look at the policy details. If you have any questions, contact the insurer.

Communicating with your medical travel insurance provider beforehand can give you a good idea of how they’ll respond if there is a problem. Don’t forget to ask about coverage for frequently-changing FCO areas.

Even policies that include winter sport don’t always include expert/professional/off-piste levels. Talk to your insurance provider about your activities before buying your policy. There may be an adventure sport package that’s a better fit for more advanced wintrists.

TIP: If you can’t get your questions answered reasonably quickly before your trip, think carefully about whether or not you want to use these folks in an emergency situation.

The best news

Playing with gravity, friction and shifting government warnings at below zero doesn’t have to be a gamble. battleface offers a Winter Sport add-on that covers holiday winter enthusiasts, regardless of FCO advisories. The plan includes medical cover, as well as hired or own-gear. For more info, check out the details.