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Ensuring Safe Winter Travel for Australians: The Essential Role of battleface Travel Protection

With winter’s chill swiftly descending upon the land down under, many Australians seek an upcoming holiday. However, international travel during winter months comes with unique risks.

Advised against travel? battleface in Canada ensures you’re still covered

Many insurers flat out refuse to cover destinations classified as ‘Avoid all travel’ or ‘Avoid non-essential travel’ due to the increased risks that conflict, political instability, crime, or terrorism pose to travellers.

Aussie travellers expect more. Here’s how to provide it

We want to ensure that our cover ia as unique as Australian travellers themselves – allowing them to cherry pick the features that align with their trips and discard the rest. 

Travel should be relaxing. Pet insurance makes sure it is.

If you’re not familiar with pet travel insurance, this guide supplies real-life situations to help you understand what each coverage means, if your pet needs it for your trip, and how it helps you if something happens.

Last-minute traveller? That just got a lot easier in Canada

It could be a weekend shopping trip in New York, a few days soaking up sun in Cancún or a hastily arranged week in Cuba, but that whirlwind feeling of ditching normal life for a few days of adventure is what makes travel so special. 

We brought claims handling in-house. Here’s what happened next.

The cold, hard reality is that claims is a tough game to play. And no amount of empathy or experience was going to bridge the gap if we couldn’t deliver consistent and timely results for our customers.

SMEs are leading the business travel rebound – but facing greater risks

The easing of COVID-related travel restrictions globally throughout 2022 offered hope of a return to ‘business as usual’ for many of these companies – but that return is not without its risks. 

Is domestic digital nomadism the next big travel trend?

The stereotype of intrepid young travelers seeking out far-flung climes is being supplemented with a new cohort remote working a little closer to home.

Here’s how frequent travelers slash their insurance costs

Whether trips consist of long distances behind the wheel, multiple long-weekend getaways, or a mixture of business and leisure trips, the customer can focus on the journey and leave the travel insurance to us. 

Business travel is rebounding – but it’s not business as usual

‘Blended travel’, as it’s known, is nothing new, but the increased demand to mix business and pleasure brings with it hurdles that must be overcome by a company’s travel managers.

Would you choose the cheapest luggage? Now compare that to your health.

Unlike ‘cheap and cheerful’ luggage, inadequate or inappropriate travel insurance can leave you with bills in the tens – or hundreds – of thousands of pounds.  

Embedded insurance is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

The ‘convenient’ coverage that was purchased on a whim leaves the customer in automated-phone hell and sours their overall perception of travel insurance when their claim is denied. 

Here are our WORST Trustpilot reviews (no, seriously)

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our US claims function in-house and to the same standard we operate every other aspect of the insurance equation – by handling it ourselves.

The era of one-size-fits-all travel insurance is over. And good riddance.

For today’s travellers, the ability to make spontaneous decisions about where to go and what to do is a given. So is the expectation that a flight, a meal or a night’s accommodation will fit their needs exactly. 

Your customers are global. So why isn’t your travel insurance?

We rely on dedicated set ups across different regions, time zones, and insurance carrier partners to ensure we’re fine-tuned to numerous local markets.

These companies are transforming travel. Will you join them?

We want to draw attention to just some of our recent partner sign-ups who are striving to transform everything from trip planning and safety to finding the best deals and protecting purchases. 

Fusty old travel insurance? Yeah, that’s not really our thing.

Ask the average person on the street their opinion of travel insurers and you’re going to generate a word cloud that’d give a brand consultant heart palpitations.

Travel’s back. But has it changed forever?

As traveller confidence roars back to pre-pandemic levels, will it follow the familiar patterns we’d become accustomed to before COVID confined us to our national borders?

Already abroad and forgot to buy travel insurance? We’ve got you.

“In my haste to get away on my first sunny holiday in over two years, I forgot to sort out travel insurance! Your company was the only one to consider insuring me after I had arrived at my destination.”

Why your business is ignoring income (and how the right partnership can change that) 

Partnering with battleface allows you to offer your customers a bespoke response to their travel insurance needs that integrates seamlessly with your existing products and services.