Transparency Statement

Effective Date: October 13th, 2023

battleface is committed to ensuring its products are simple and easy to understand. We are transparent in the way we operate and want to do all we can to help our customers make an informed decision when purchasing insurance from us. We work with travel partners, insurance brokers and insurers from across the globe to provide ‘outside the box’ insurance solutions for our customers. This statement explains how we and our partners are paid for the products and services that we provide.

battleface travel medical and adventure travel insurance products (retail)
You do not pay us a fee. We receive a commission, and in some cases a claims administration fee, from our insurance carriers for the battleface products sold. The commission and claims administration fee (where applicable) is calculated as a percentage of the total insurance premium received.

battleface group travel and custom products (wholesale)
Where we have developed a custom product for your organisation and/or employees with our insurance carriers, we receive a commission from that carrier. This is a percentage of your total insurance premium. Should you require it, we will be happy to send you more specific information in writing of the remuneration we receive for your policy.

Specialist insurance products
As well as developing our own unique products, we have built relationships with other specialist insurance providers to offer a broader range of insurances. We receive a commission from these insurance providers for making these products available to you. Our commission is a percentage of the insurance premium.

Our partners and marketing fees
We have partnerships with like-minded companies who value travel and the compelling offering it presents to their businesses. Partners share information about battleface news and products, and in return receive a fee from us. Fees are paid to our partners either as a flat fee for marketing services provided or as a referral fee linked to insurance premiums.

In some countries, we work with local insurance brokers to meet our obligations under international rules. International partners help administer our products where necessary, and act as a local point of contact for our customers. These partners receive a commission for the services they provide, which is a percentage of the premium received for products sold in that country.

Affiliate arrangements
battleface may participate in affiliate marketing programs with various companies, brands, and online retailers. Sometimes battleface may receive a compensation from these affiliate links however our primary aim is to provide valuable travel services and information to our customers. Where we earn a commission or other remuneration from affiliate marketing, this will be clearly labelled on our website and will be at no additional cost to you. Our reviews and recommendations are based on our honest assessment of products, services, or brands, regardless of any affiliate relationships. We prioritize providing accurate information and unbiased opinions.

Our support for KIVA
battleface’s team believes that everyone should be able to participate and thrive in global and local economies. In December 2019, battleface announced a loan matching partnership with Kiva, an international not for profit that facilitates crowdfunded loans for people underserved by financial institutions. Our team is committed to social change and will continue to sponsor entrepreneurs worldwide in an effort to build a financially inclusive world. Any return we receive on these loans is invested straight back into Kiva. As part of our loan Kiva matching program, we also cover any associated processing fees. Please visit our Social Impact page here to track our progress.

If you would like any more information or have a question, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].