Our Story

Having a ‘battle face’ indicates readiness to confront adversity.

Whether visiting friends and family, experiencing new places and cultures, or simply crushing coconuts at the beach, people moving from place to place face obstacles. With the right insurance, travellers can address and mitigate challenges with confidence. Headed around the corner or around the world, people combat travel trials with battleface.


When solving problems, we incorporate ideas that help support our humanity-focused mission of bringing people and the world together.

Our Principles

These key principles define our culture and guide our decisions:

Be intentional, specific,
and transparent

We invest time, energy, and resources into making strategic decisions, and we are explicit about our win-win approach and future impact of those decisions. We add diverse perspectives to the decision-making process by sharing information broadly and often.

Focus on simple

We create simple and empowering solutions to business and customer problems.

Leadership through

We recognize exceptional talent and require our leaders to prioritize the coaching and development of their fellow talented disruptors. We seek individuals who have potential and passion, strongly believing that leadership is made, not born.

for passion

While titles for each role define responsibilities, well-rounded knowledge and a zest for our mission is what allows us to succeed. We can teach someone a skill. We can’t teach someone to be more passionate.


We embrace diversity in every way—period. We believe an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion is not only right for the world, it is crucial when building a global, multicultural company.

Create value by concentrating
on the customer

Our focus on people creates an inherent connection with our customers. At every point in our customers’ journeys, we obsess over solving their problems and use feedback to add value to their lives.

Have an
“owner’s” mindset

We challenge decisions, use data, speak up, have an opinion, make it uncomfortable, are direct, and provide solutions—but most importantly, act to move forward. Invest intelligently, spend on things that have a meaningful impact.


What works today may not work tomorrow. That philosophy requires that we regularly revisit our core principles to confirm we are still speaking our truths.

Have a
positive impact

We believe that insurance and travel have positive impacts on people’s lives. Insurance is a source of protection and a force for good in society. Travel helps people better understand other cultures, come together, and be more accepting of diversity. To that end, we invest in initiatives that support communities, global destinations, and that further our mission to bring people and the world together.

Our Impact

Our environmental commitment is built into our digital business model: paperless policies, app and screen-based claims filing options, and 24/7 customer service. Many of us work from home.

Social responsibility begins with our remote team. This allows battleface to hire from a global community and increases the company’s diversity and scope.

battleface also invests in projects that enrich communities all over the world, including Kiva, an international non-profit that facilitates crowdfunded loans for people underserved by financial institutions. Along with Kiva, we envision a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.