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One-size-fits-all no longer works.

battleface beats the flaw of averages with embedded insurance, custom builds, segment benefits, and A|B testing to keep products relevant. Partners reap the results in higher conversion rates, earnings, added value and customer satisfaction.



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Online Travel Agencies (OTA)

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We also welcome travel bloggers, agencies, operators, advisory sites, influencers, retailers, insurance aggregators, brokers, managing general agents and other distributors who are looking to introduce battleface to their customers.

See something that you like already? Our retail products provide broad coverage and services, with no assembly required. Just sign up and get ready to integrate.

Partner Insights

Learn more about our partner products, services and benefits.

🇺🇸 Here’s how frequent travelers slash their insurance costs

Whether trips consist of long distances behind the wheel, multiple long-weekend getaways, or a mixture of business and leisure trips, the customer can focus on the journey and leave the travel insurance to us. 

🇬🇧 Business travel is rebounding – but it’s not business as usual

‘Blended travel’, as it’s known, is nothing new, but the increased demand to mix business and pleasure brings with it hurdles that must be overcome by a company’s travel managers.

🌎 Would you choose the cheapest luggage? Now compare that to your health.

Unlike ‘cheap and cheerful’ luggage, inadequate or inappropriate travel insurance can leave you with bills in the tens – or hundreds – of thousands of pounds.  


Available in 175+ countries, our products range from cover for a chill seaside holiday to volunteering in clean-up efforts after a natural disaster.


No two trips are the same. Your customers’ needs shape our modular approach to travel insurance.


Good design is 99% invisible. battleface’s microservice API allows for simple and seamless incorporation.


battleface works with partners to design innovative, market-specific products that boost brand value, relevance, and revenue.

The way we travel and experience the world has changed.

Yet for decades the travel insurance industry and its products have remained the same. Companies continue to offer outdated “one-size-fits-all” bundled products that no longer suit the needs of today’s travelers.

At battleface, we’re working hard to deliver custom-built insurance and services for people going places all over the world. Our innovative underwriting, drag and drop API product solutions, and established networks empower partners to offer their customers relevant products that hone value.


Our products work globally, with battleface’s own 24/7 services and support sourced locally. We handle all customer, claims, travel and emergency medical assistance services in-house.

Take a look into what battleface partners get when they join us.

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Break free from the flaw of averages with battleface

Industry validation

Add value

Boost your sales

Convert your customers

Grow your customer base

Stand out from the crowd


Save on costs

Deliver faster

24/7 service

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