6 Tips for easier travel this Thanksgiving

Your bags are packed, your out-of-office message is set, and you are walking out the door towards Thanksgiving airport chaos.

With an estimated 3.3 million travelers in route to their destination, there are bound to be flight delays, cancellations, and lost baggage, so what can you do as a traveler to mitigate the holiday travel mess?  

While we may not be able to control the entire travel landscape, battleface has come up with 6 surefire ways to avoid these travel mishaps so you can enjoy your holiday weekend without the stress!  

Download Travel Apps

Travel apps don’t fix everything, but they help you stay ahead! Having a couple travel apps like Flightaware or the TSA App are helpful so you can be aware of flight changes or delays, gate changes and waiting times. For those who struggle with directions, a great app to have on hand is Tripit from Concur which allows you to visualize the inside of the airport, so you can navigate with ease. With a variety of travel apps to choose from, you can help to cut your wait times and enjoy a stress-free travel experience! 

Avoid chaotic flying days

Some of the most chaotic days to fly during the holiday season are the Sunday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. With 3.3 million people expected to be on the move before and after Thanksgiving, you can bank on the longest lines and potential for flight delays, or cancellations. To ensure you are covered from these mishaps, having travel insurance that covers trip delays, missed connections, and flight cancellations, like battleface’s Discovery plan for single trips or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is a must! Another tip for those who prefer to avoid people during chaotic travel days is to travel in the evenings. Mornings tend to be the busiest, especially during the holiday season.   

Pack a carry-on

We’ve all been there. Long trip, and not enough to wear. So, you learn from the previous year, and pack more in the giant checked bag typically hidden in the back of the closet. Sounds like a great plan, until you are at baggage claim looking for your lost bag.  

Packing a carry-on is the only foolproof way to avoid lost baggage. However, if you do happen to have a self-diagnosed overpacking problem, you might want to consider getting baggage insurance. This will cover you if your baggage is damaged in flight, lost or misplaced by an airline and help you recover your items or purchase replacement items.  

Traveling with Pets

Traveling with our furry friends, is always a great time. They are happy, you are happy, the entire trip is a bit cheerier. Accidents do happen though, your pet can get a little too excited and injure themselves, or your little furball could get into a foreign substance. Whatever the case, it is always good to be prepared when you are traveling with your little guy. That’s where battleface’s pet travel insurance comes in. Covering everything from injury, to illness, to pet return, you can make sure your trip and your furry friend are covered and worry-free.

And if you are staying in a vacation rental…

Lastly, if you are staying in a vacation rental, you’ll definitely want to make sure your stay is insured. Having vacation rental damage protection may be the difference between a stress-ful and stress-free trip. Vacation rental damage insurance covers all the daily struggles, from accidentally starting a minor fire while cooking dinner, to losing the house keys. So, protecting yourself against, well, yourself, is a no-brainer!  

How to get through the airport quicker

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