What is pet travel insurance?

Much like travel insurance for humans, pet travel insurance provides financial coverage if the unexpected happens to your pet while you’re traveling together, domestically or internationally. This includes things like injury, illness, or if you have to return home early for an unexpected reason and your pet must be transported home separately.

Do I need pet travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a smart idea, whether you’re traveling with your furry friend or not. Pet travel insurance provides peace of mind that if something happens to Fido while you’re halfway across the state or halfway around the world, you can be reimbursed for the medical care he needs.

What does pet travel insurance cover?

Pet travel insurance, like the coverage offered by battleface, typically covers three different scenarios:

Injury: If your pet is injured in an accident of some sort during the course of a covered trip, pet travel insurance will provide financial relief when you seek veterinary treatment in your destination.

Illness: If your pet gets sick on your covered trip and requires treatment from a veterinarian, your insurance plan ensures you don’t break the bank while getting your four-legged friend medical care. Generally, the illness must have started during the trip, but the battleface plan can actually offer coverage for pets with pre-existing medical conditions.

There are a few requirements for coverage, such as purchasing the policy within 15 days of initial trip payment, and insuring the entire trip cost, but you can comfortably travel with your pet, knowing her claim won’t be denied if she gets sick on the trip due to a pre-existing condition.

Pet return: If, for some reason, you have to return from your trip early and you can’t bring your pet with you, pet return coverage ensures your pet will be returned to you. The most common scenario for this coverage is if you, the pet owner, are injured or fall ill during a trip and need emergency transport back home, and your pet isn’t allowed to come with you. Pet return coverage even includes the cost of an attendant, if necessary. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have your insurance company pre-authorize your travel arrangements ahead of time.

What if I already have pet health insurance?

Many pet owners already have pet health insurance that covers everyday injuries and unexpected medical costs. While some pet insurance policies will cover illness and injuries that occur while traveling, others do not. And, many pet insurance companies have limitations around coverage for expenses incurred overseas.

That’s why it’s always best to have a travel-specific pet insurance policy in place when you travel with your pet, especially when vacationing internationally.

How much does pet travel insurance cost?

The cost of a pet travel insurance policy varies, but the most cost-effective (and convenient) way to get coverage for your pet is to add it to your own travel insurance policy. As you plan for an upcoming trip and consider coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, or baggage protection, you can easily add affordable coverage for your pet, if they’ll be coming along on your adventure.

Some types of pet coverage require a deductible and have maximum limits. For example, battleface’s pet medical expense plan provides up to $2,000 in coverage, with just a $100 deductible. Our pet return coverage has no deductible, and will pay out up to $500 in reimbursement—plus the assistance you may need in planning your pet’s safe transport.

Traveling with a whole menagerie? Keep in mind that your benefits are usually an aggregate limit for all pets accompanying you, not per pet.

What types of animals are covered?

While you might want to bring along your iguana, guinea pig, or boa constrictor, most pet travel insurance providers limit coverage to just dogs and cats. They must be domesticated dogs and cats kept in the home for companionship, and not for commercial purposes.


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