Where did the name ‘battleface’ come from?

Any type of travel requires preparation and determination. Having insurance that won’t quit when the going gets tough, means travelers of all types can focus on the fun, and face any obstacles with confidence.

How is battleface different from other travel insurance plans?

battleface provides customized travel insurance for travelers who need more than ordinary insurance. Unlike most travel insurance plans, battleface provides its own 24/7 emergency travel and medical assistance services, benefits for adventure activities, and remote destinations.

Who are your customers?

We cater to all types of travelers: people on vacation, business trips or adventure travelers, freelancers, and more.

Do you work with groups?

Yes. We customize and develop plans specifically for commercial and non-commercial organizations, institutions and associations for groups of people who travel, live and work internationally. Please visit our B2B page for groups here.


Who are your distribution partners?

We work with companies across tech, insurance, travel and finance industries. Our underwriting team has the ability to custom build products for our partners and their customers. For more information, please visit our partner page here

Can I see policy documents prior to purchase?

You can easily find relevant policy documents and other details regarding our products and services. To view, click here.

How do you deal with countries which have sanction restrictions?

battleface respects U.S., U.N., European Union Sanctions, resolutions or regulations and as such may not be allowed to conduct financial transactions with sanctioned countries.

This means that providing assistance in sanctioned countries may be complex. For example, for medical evacuations, we dispatch support from sanction-free zones to transport a patient from a sanctioned country to a hospital in which payment for care is legal.

battleface will take any legally available action to provide financial cost or reimubursement for eligible emergency medical services that occur in sanctioned countries. So, always keep receipts!

Who is the insurer behind battleface?

battleface Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by  Spinnaker Insurance Company (an IL Corporation, NAIC #24376). Administrative office is located at One Pluckemin Way, Suite 102, Bedminister, NJ 07921. Plans are administered by battleface Insurance Services LLC, 629 N. High Street 6th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, a wholly owned subsidiary of battleface, Inc. battleface Insurance Services LLC, National Producer Number is 18731960 (FL License number W522470; L107363 / CA License number 0M75381). Not all insurance coverage or products may be available in all jurisdictions.

What happens in case of emergencies?

We strongly recommend that you provide your battleface policy and contact information to your travel companies, friends, or family members. In case of an emergency, if you are not able to reach us, your next of kin should be able to contact us 24/7 via:

Chat with us from our website

Email: usa@battleface.com
Tel: +1.855.998.2928 or 1.571.441.0775

How do I file a claim?

If something happen during your trip and you need to use your travel insurance, you’ll need to file a claim to be reimbursed. We have a page that explains how to start a claim, a great resource for learning more about the claims process.

Let’s say your baggage is delayed* and you need to buy clothes and toiletries, you would submit a claim to seek reimbursement. Travel insurance comes in handy in scenarios like this.

Oftentimes, travel insurance is offered when buying a cruise, airfare or booking a vacation rental. We encourage customers to pay attention to the fine print when considering insurance provided by travel suppliers. For example, a cruise line’s travel insurance may not pay cash to cover a cancelled or interrupted cruise, but instead offers credit towards a future cruise. If you prefer cash reimbursement, that’s reason to consider purchasing directly from a travel insurance provider instead.

We recommend bringing a print out of your plan documents with you when traveling so if you are affected by a storm and lose power or can’t connect to the internet, you’ll still know what number to call and what instructions to follow.

You may contact us directly to file your claim through our 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance department:

Chat with us from our website

Email: usaclaims@battleface.com
Tel: 1-855-425-7911 or 380-234-1942

Additional information: All battleface plans and products are administered by battleface Insurance Services LLC, 629 N. High Street Columbus, OH 43215, a wholly owned subsidiary of battleface, Inc.  National producer number is 18731960 (FL License number W522470; L107363 / CA License number 0M75381).

When is the best time to get travel insurance?

We suggest you buy your travel insurance plan when you make your first trip payment, like airfare or accommodations. You can add coverage to the same plan for your hotel, tours and other pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs. Be sure to contact us to add coverage once you add additional trip payments to be sure you have coverage for your full trip cost.

Can I be covered for a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Our Discovery or Explorer plans provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, as long as the travel protection plan is purchased within 15 days of first trip payment, you are medically able to travel at the time the plan is purchased, and all prepaid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions have been insured.

What is travel insurance and what does it cover?

Travel insurance helps protect you from certain unexpected and potentially costly events that can occur before or during your trip.

One of the most common reasons people consider travel insurance is to help protect the money that they’ve spent on their vacation. If you must cancel or interrupt your trip, there are often cancellation penalties tied to the travel arrangements that you’ve made and those cancellation penalties tend to get more severe as the departure date gets closer. You may only get a portion of your trip cost back if you have to cancel your plans—or none at all.

Insurance coverage for Trip Cancellation can reimburse you for unused, non-refundable, prepaid trip costs if you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason, such as sickness, job loss, flight cancellation due to adverse weather and more. Similarly, insurance coverage for Trip Interruption can recoup your trip costs if you’re unable to continue your trip because of a covered reason—our plans also provide reimbursement for additional transportation costs to help you return home or rejoin your group.

Travel insurance provides coverage for other unexpected, out-of-pocket costs as well, such as meals and overnight lodging if your travel is delayed*, clothing and personal items if your baggage is delayed* and medical expenses if you get sick or injured during your trip. Plans also provide insurance coverage for your bags and personal effects during your trip and some offerings help protect your sporting equipment while traveling, along with a variety of other available coverages. We recommend comparing our plans and choosing the option that best suits you and your trip.

What should I insure?

You may insure pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs.

Non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs are costs associated with your trip that you wouldn’t get back if you cancel the trip and were paid before you leave on your trip. This may include flights, cruises, accommodations, tours, concerts/shows and other trip costs that could be lost if you cannot take your trip.

When should I buy travel insurance?

battleface travel insurance plans can be purchased up to 2 years before the trip departure date and up until the day prior to departure.