Travel insurance for any destination

Where are you headed next?

Whether you’ve already got the itinerary set or you’re still trying to decide on your next destination, one thing’s for sure: When it’s time to hit the road (or air, or sea), having travel insurance customized to fit your needs is the key to a stress-free trip.

Mexico Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for Mexico Discover the Magic of Mexico With rich history, colorful cultural traditions, and unbelievable beaches, Mexico is hard to resist. Traveling to Mexico Because of its location just south of the United States, it’s a convenient international destination for Americans, and you’ll only need a passport—no visa or additional documentation required.

Travel insurance for the United States

Travel insurance for the United States Peace of Mind from Coast to Coast From Los Angeles to New York City and everything in between, the United States offers pretty much everything for eager travelers. Traveling to the United States Whether you’re searching for the unspoiled nature of America’s 400+ National Parks, some theme park excitement, ...

Travel insurance for the United Kingdom

Head across the pond for a trip that offers everything from royal palaces and ancient castles to football games and fish and chips. When you’re thousands of miles from home, battleface has you covered.

Travel insurance for Costa Rica

Travel insurance for Costa Rica Avoid Trouble in Paradise Located in the heart of Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a popular vacation destination for everyone from families to adventure travelers. Traveling to Costa Rica Costa Rica has 900 miles of combined Pacific and Caribbean coastline, and over half of the country ...

Travel insurance for France

Travel insurance for France Peace of Mind in Paris and Beyond A bucket-list destination for travelers who love food, wine, art, history, and romance, France lives up to its storied reputation. Traveling to France Whether you’re just passing through Paris as part of a broader European vacation or are spending weeks at a time indulging ...

Travel insurance for Italy

Travel insurance for Italy Live La Dolce Vita without worry There’s something magical about Italy. Whether it’s the juxtaposition of centuries-old relics and modern-day cities or just the allure of endless pasta and wine, Italy has long been a treasured vacation destination for American travelers. Traveling to Italy This boot-shaped country, surrounded by the Mediterranean ...

Travel insurance for Canada

Travel insurance for Canada Head north with peace of mind Canada really has something for everyone. Whether you’re after the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, the unparalleled adventure sports options in Whistler, the quaint culture of Quebec City, or the elevated urban experience of Toronto and Vancouver, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for ...