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Choose your adventures. Choose your coverage. Introducing battleface’s Discovery Insurance.

Customize your coverage

Forget one-size-fits-nobody insurance products. With battleface, you can customize coverage for every trip, just about anywhere you want to go. This includes domestic and international destinations and activities: road trips, tours, hiking, vacation rentals and more. The best part? You decide what you need.

Trip Cancellation Package

  • Trip Cancellation protects the financial investment in your trips in case you must cancel for a covered reason. We suggest insuring the cost of all pre-paid, nonrefundable trip arrangements. Coverage available up to $20,000 per person. Virginia & Washington residents must select the Trip Cancellation Package
  • Single Occupancy can reimburse up to 100% of the insured trip cost if your traveling companion cancels or interrupts their trip for a covered reason, and you choose to still go but have additional costs

Cancel For Any Reason

Allows you to cancel a covered trip for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy, up to 75% (50% in Florida) of nonrefundable trip costs. You must insure your full trip cost, purchase within 15 days of initial trip deposit, and cancel before 48 hours of your scheduled departure.

*CFAR not available to NY residents

Trip Interruption

Up to 150% of the Trip Cancellation limit, to reimburse your pre-paid and non-refundable trip cost, plus extra transportation expenses, if you must return home early due to unforeseen circumstances, including illness, injury, or death.

Trip Delay Package

  • Trip Delay reimburses up to $200 per day and $2,500 per policy to provide coverage for the costs of meals, local transportation and accommodations when your trip is unexpectedly delayed for covered reason
  • Missed Connection provides $1,000 of coverage per policy which can cover you for the cost of extra transportation to rejoin the trip, additional local expenses, and the cost of missed arrangements

Baggage and Personal Effects

Reimburses up to $2,500 for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage, sporting equipment and personal effects. $100 deductible

Baggage Delay

Provides up to $100 per day, to a maximum of $500 per policy to cover the purchase of clothing, toiletries, and other essential items if your luggage is delayed for a specified period of time

Pet Medical

Reimburses up to $2,000 for necessary veterinarian expenses if your pet becomes sick or injured while traveling with you. $100 deductible

Pet Return

Provides $500 of coverage if you’re traveling with your pet, and can’t continue due to your sickness or injury, and your pet needs to return home

Travel Medical Expense

Reimburses to $100,000 ($50,000 for residents of NH) for the costs to treat medical emergencies, including COVID-19, during your trips. $50 deductible applies. Includes coverage for Adventure Activities. Emergency Dental Expense limit is up to $750, with a $0 deductible. Indiana residents must select the Travel Medical Package

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains

Covers up to $500,000 (up to $1,000,000 in NH) for transporting you to the nearest adequate medical facility, or home, in the event of a medical emergency during a covered trip. Primary coverage, plus includes coverage for Adventure Activities

Rental Vehicle Damage Primary coverage

Covers up to $35,000 for one rented vehicle per traveling party for theft or damages due to collision, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail or flood, or any cause beyond your control while in your possession. $250 deductible for loss greater than $2,000.

Vacation Rental Damage

Reimbursement for the cost to replace damaged personal property assigned to that rental property during a stay. Coverage is provided to all traveling companions occupying the rental property during the covered trip, provided you are listed on the rental agreement. Select your level of coverage: $1,500, $3,000 or $5,000 per reservation.

Robin Assist

Robin Assist is our travel emergency assistance team, worldwide, available 24/7, providing optional services any time you need it. To learn more please click here.

Travel Tool

Easily find entry restrictions and travel requirements for your next destination here.

Coverage for Adventure Activities

Whether you’re skiing, scuba diving or hiking, battleface is there for you.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver

You can qualify for a waiver of the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion if you purchase the policy within 15 days of initial trip payment and insure the full trip cost. See the policy for full details here.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Coverage for death, or loss of eyesight, hearing or limbs resulting from an accident while traveling. Select your level of coverage: $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 per person.

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Frequently asked questions

We recommend, as much as possible, that you enter the exact trip cost for each person. This can prevent problems at claim time.

For a family traveling together, you may split the cost evenly among all parties, especially if you are traveling with minor children. Even in that scenario, we’d recommend entering exact trip costs for each family member if possible.

Trip Cancellation coverage starts at 12:01 AM the day after you purchase your policy and ends the earlier of: when you cancel your trip, or at 11:59 PM the day before your scheduled departure date.

Trip Interruption coverage begins on the later of: 12:01 AM on your scheduled departure date, or the date and time you start the trip. It ends on the earlier of: your arrival at the return destination, or your scheduled return date.

Cancel For Any Reason provides complete flexibility that truly allows you to cancel for any reason, even one not covered under Trip Cancellation. This benefit is sold as an add-on to your chosen trip cancellation benefit.

The limit of coverage is 75% (or 50% if you reside in FL) of your original trip cost. You can select this option if you meet the following:

  • purchase the policy within 15 days of the deposit date
  • purchase the insurance to cover the entire cost of the trip
  • when using this benefit, the cancelation of the covered trip occurs more than 48 hours from the originally scheduled departure
  • any later arrangement(s) or payment(s) need to be added within 15 days of the date of payments

Cancel For Any Reason coverage may not be available in all states.

To learn more, please visit our article “Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Explained” article here

The best answer we can give you is “it depends” — when the delay occurs during your trip, how long the delay is, and why you were delayed. Different coverages could apply, and there may be different covered reasons and time frames for each coverage. We recommend that you document as much as possible. This includes the reason for the delay, such as emails, texts from the airline, and weather alerts, as well as receipts for any expenses incurred. This will help you at claim time. 

Connect with us right away via +1 (855) 998 2928 or email. We can clarify your benefits and help you navigate the situation at hand.

Oftentimes if the cancellation is due to problems with the airline, such as staffing shortages, they are responsible for rebooking you and covering any expenses you incur. If it’s due to something like a hurricane, there could be coverage under Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay or even Missed Connection. Your best bet is to document everything and contact our team for guidance. 

Contact our team via +1 (855) 998 2928 or email as soon as you know about these changes – we can quickly and easily update your policy. 

Visit our Travel Tool for the most up-to-date entry requirements for each country. We recommend checking this periodically before your departure to see if there have been any changes. 

Filing a claim starts with completing a claim form. The claim form is a questionnaire meant to help you achieve the following: 

  1. Inform us about the incident that caused your claim
  2. Specify the financial loss you want reimbursed 
  3. Supply evidence of the incident to support your claim 

Once submitted, your claim is promptly assessed by a claims analyst who determines whether it meets the terms of your policy and communicates the outcome to you. You can find your claim form here

It’s hard for us to give definitive answers to hypothetical situations because one small detail in the situation can change everything. That said, we’ll do our best to answer your questions, or at least help you understand the policy language and how it might apply to various situations. 

Yes, battleface plans cover both domestic and international trips. For domestic travel, you must be traveling at least one hundred (100) miles from your primary residence.

This plan is not available for travelers over age 85. The main applicant must be 18 or older to apply for insurance. A parent or other legal custodian must apply for coverage for a minor under 18. Children under the age of 18 may be covered as additional travelers. If the child is not yet 1 year old, enter ‘0’.