What is vacation rental damage insurance?

Vacation rental damage insurance provides coverage in case you or the guests staying with you cause damage to the property you’re staying in. It offers financial protection and peace of mind in case accidental damage occurs while on vacation.

Why should I get vacation rental damage insurance?

Short-term vacation rentals are on the rise, and with good reason. Instead of being stuck in a hotel room, when you stay in a rental property, you often have more space, can more easily travel with friends or family, and get the opportunity to stay in unique locations, like a mountain cabin, oceanfront villa, or a city high-rise.

Vacation rental companies have popularized this type of accommodation and made it easy to find vacation rentals in most cities around the world.

But the fact of the matter is that when you stay in a vacation rental, you’re staying in someone’s home, or apartment. If something gets damaged or destroyed, you’ll be on the hook for the costs to repair the damaged property.

Whether you’ve simply lost the keys and the whole home needs to be re-keyed, accidentally broke a window while playing with the kids, or managed to start a fire while cooking dinner, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected.
You may be required to provide a security deposit at the time of booking or check-in. If any accidental damage occurs during your stay, the cost would be deducted from your security deposit. You just need to keep receipts, photos of the damage and proof of payment, and then seek reimbursement from battleface.

Will my existing homeowners insurance policy or renters policy protect me?

Most homeowners and rental insurance policies provide two types of coverage: personal property coverage and liability coverage. You may be able to use your personal property coverage if your personal belongings are damaged while on vacation. But it won’t cover damage to the property owned by others, such as your vacation rental. And the liability coverage, which usually protects you in the case of property damage or a guest injuring themselves while visiting your home, likely excludes damage to a property rented by you, such as a vacation rental property.

Is anything other than property damage covered?

When you purchase a vacation rental damage add on additional coverages, such as trip cancellation and trip interruption, you’ll enjoy other key benefits that are helpful when the unexpected happens. For example, many vacation rentals require you to pay for your entire stay up front, sometimes months before your arrival date. If your travel insurance policy includes trip cancellation and trip interruption, you’ll be able to get your money back if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason in the days, week, or months leading up to your arrival, or if you have to leave the trip early due to a covered reason.

Coverage Limits

Vacation Rental Damage can reimburse you for the cost of accidental damage to the rental property caused by you, your family or traveling companions. Examples can include spilling wine on a carpet, breaking a lamp or window, pet damage (if pets are allowed), and many other circumstances. The coverage applies per reservation, so everyone staying in the property is covered. battleface covers you at up to 3 levels of coverage per rental:

  • $1,500 or
  • $3,000 or
  • $5,000

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