The world’s most ‘adventure-friendly’ airlines


Read more below on the specific approach and methodology. 

The world’s most adventure friendly airlines study was created with a rigorous methodology.


  • Using the sources below, we created a list of the top global destinations for each of the nine “adventure travel” activities that battleface provides coverage for. Those activities are: Surfing, sailing, kitesurfing, golfing, kayaking/canoeing, scuba diving, mountaineering/trekking, mountain biking, ski/snowboarding
  • We then triangulated the closest airport(s) that served those top nine adventure activity destinations
  • Finally, we pulled all airlines servicing those airports

Then airline data pulled included the following:

  • Baggage fees, weight, size, (maximum sizes and weights) and first bag fee for economy, or standard economy equivalent standard fare
  • Special items considerations for each activity: Whether the items would be accepted, whether they are included in baggage allowance or will be under a special item/excess baggage charge, what the charge is for any overages or special cases based on fare type.  To create a shortlist from over 700 airlines, points were then allocated based on the number of adventure activity destinations serviced by the airline. The top airlines (just over 100) from this were then allocated points relating to the data pulled above (baggage, adventure destination, special items consideration, alliance membership) and the top 25 airlines ranking was created