How travel insurance can mitigate Thanksgiving mishaps

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A big family from all over gathers at a warm locale for a peaceful Thanksgiving.

What could possibly go wrong?

Read on for the misadventures of an accident-prone family and how travel insurance helped them.

Is that an almond or a bicuspid?

Grandpa broke a tooth on Grandma’s famous peanut brittle. Fortunately for Grandpa, his dental coverage will take care of an emergency visit to the dentist. Unfortunately, Grandma’s feelings won’t be so easy to repair.

Many travel medical insurance policies include coverage for emergency dental expenses.

Y’all did WHAT?

Twins Jackie and Mackie thought it would be fun to see how many Legos fit up their noses. Whilst grumpy Aunt Sasha secretly thinks that’s fewer to step on in the dark, the rest of the family agree that medical extraction is needed. Move over, Grandpa, two more patients for the minivan!

Travel medical insurance isn’t just for grownups. Most plans offer a family package.

dog How insurance can mitigate Thanksgiving mishaps Sasha Gayer

Wait, Dachshunds can climb?

Somehow, Miss Piddlefeathers managed to scale the kitchen counter and chomp down half a pan of brownies before getting caught. As she tried to escape the scene of the crime, she hurt her widdle paw. Whilst delicious to dogs, chocolate can also be toxic.

Pet travel insurance covers emergency trips to the vet for illness and injuries.

Turn right. No, your other right!

Guess who made it safely all the way from the UK, only to get into a fender bender at the supermarket?  Uncle Nigel’s ok, but the rental car isn’t.

Rental vehicle damage coverage isn’t just for accidents. Many policies include storm and hail damage, vandalism, and theft.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Despite her imperious demeanour, even Great-Aunt Jennie can’t control the weather. Thanks to trip delay insurance, she waited out a blizzard in the comfort of a hotel next to the airport. And won’t quit telling us how nice it was.

Trip delay insurance covers brief and unexpected delays to the start of a trip. For example, the costs of an unexpected hotel room, meals, or local transportation as a result of a delay.

wine How insurance can mitigate Thanksgiving mishaps Sasha Gayer

Did you hear about the time…

Aunt Irene, the self-proclaimed bon-vivant of the family, got a little carried away in the humorous retelling of a youthful indiscretion: wine, Irene, everywhere! Uncle Tommy, already on standby for red-wine spill duty, realised no amount of glue was gonna fix that broken lamp. It’s a good thing Mom has vacation rental insurance, which will cover a replacement.

Vacation rental insurance covers damage to rental properties, including broken windows and furniture.

A hole in one

Mom’s big treat for organising the family’s Thanksgiving is to spend the day after – alone – on the links. When her clubs didn’t make her connecting flight, she didn’t sweat it. That’s because Mom’s a planner: her sports equipment delay insurance means she’ll get cash back for a rented set.

Sports equipment delay insurance covers the cost of rental equipment due to delayed baggage.

Just. Can’t. Do. It.

Not up for another year of hectic travel and family squabbles? Skip the trip! With Cancel for Any Reason insurance, get most of your money back on fares and deposits for accommodation, car rentals, and excursions.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage is just like it sounds — you can cancel your trip for any reason and recover a percentage of your non-refundable trip costs.

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